All Because of Dots….

I am generally resistant to change. I have done many a stupid thing in the attempt of avoiding it. As much as I dislike change, though, I loathe complication even more. That’s the reason I’m here – not in the literal sense – I mean here on WordPress. For whatever reason, every time I tried to copy/paste the “Love and Cigarettes” text from Microsoft Word, it would show up on Myspace with a series of four dots after every line I skipped to a new paragraph. Hold on, it gets better.

This particular problem forked into another dilemma. I can’t stand when things I create are aesthetically un-pleasing. But I’m really lazy. Essentially the battle raged between my anal-retentiveness and my laziness. The AR won today. I got tired of backspacing all of those little dots into oblivion. So that’s why the WordPress. It’s going to take a while for me to get used to it, but the added benefit might be that I’ll never have to log into Myspace again. It might be liberating, really, up until I realize that I’ve traded one master for another. We’ll see. Worst case scenario: this doesn’t work out and I go back to Myspace and we have delicious make-up blogging. Either way, I’ve got a lot of copy/pasting to do to get all that stuff off of Myspace. It’s years worth of stuff on there.

I think I’ll also just write the poetry and personal stuff on the Notes section of Facebook. I’ll try to make sure this space is specifically for commentary and or long-form writing like “Love and Cigarettes.” Speaking of Kevin and Abby, I have a pretty ambitious section coming up next, and it’s going to take me a little while to make it so. Thank you for reading my words, I concede that they aren’t always great (Michael Jordan), but I hope they’re always entertaining (Dennis Rodman).


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