Madison and I Get Flu Shots, Lynnette Can’t Read

*Madison finally got her flu shot Saturday afternoon. After weeks of posturing by saying things like “Oh, that’s my doctor’s house” whenever we’d drive by the building, answering in the affirmative when asked if she was a big girl and could get her flu shot, it all went down yesterday.

Madison was cool as a cucumber when we were in the lobby. She enjoying watching The Lion King on the big screen. When her name was called, she led the charge to the room. When we got into the room, all of a sudden, her courage abandoned her. She told Lynnette and I she wanted to “go outside.” Aside: This story of fleeting courage is eerily similar to the way my own self-confidence deserted me five minute before I was set to propose to Lynnette. The whole I night was all “Let’s just do the thing.” With five minutes left, I was like “What would happen if I didn’t ask her?” knowing full well that her parents already knew what was supposed to happen.

The second the nurse brought the tray holding the needle into the room, Madison never took her eyes off of it (left). When the nurse asked Madison to lay down, Madison said “I want to sit up.” I held Mad’s upper body down and it was all over in a few seconds. But not for Mad. She was upset with her parents who let it all happen. When the nurse left the room, she sat on the bench and screamed “I said NO!” as if we had violated her trust. Well, Mad, all it was was us doing things with your best interests in mind. Maybe you didn’t like it. Get used to it.

I also got my flu shot, and just like clockwork, I have a runny nose and I feel grouchy. Lynnette said that it is impossible that the shot made me sick. She says that it’s all in my head. My reply to that is “if it’s all in my head, how is it that all this snot’s on my lip? Heh?”

We had to make one of those “we’re out of meat” trips to Costco. We took our time touring the facility, and Madison upped the awesome by insisting on wearing her pink floral cap instead of letting Lynnette do her hair up. Again, I am positive that the fact that she’s my daughter creates some bias, but it’s entirely possible that she’s the cutest kid ever. I feel kind of bad saying that, because I know other kids, and you’d think that genetically, the progeny of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt would have to be cuter, but I doubt it.

Lynnette and I busied ourselves with the tough decisions like which cut of steak to pick up (skipped it this time), how much salmon to acquire (the medium-sized filet), and how to get multiple samples of smoked salmon with cream cheese on bagel. Madison occupied the toy/Christmas related aisles. She tried out all the key boards and called the uke a “baby Uncle Matty’s one.” She ran under the princess dresses – which I suppose was Costco’s weak acknowledgement that Halloween comes before Christmas – and just kind of hung out. Lynnette is probably proud of Madison Filipino squat. I’m touched by her slightly crooked cap. Everyone wins.

*We shifted our usual Sunday lunch at my parent’s house to dinner on Saturday night so that we could attend a friend’s function this afternoon (more on this later).

We headed out to Ala Moana just for the hell of it. I made a special effort to stay away from the third floor on the Sears side of the mall. That’s where I end up spending the most money. Madison woke up earlier than usual, and Lynnette managed to get herself out of bed in only a half-an-hour after waking, instead of her usual hour-and-a-half. That sounds like a perfect storm for an early start.

We got to the mall at about 9:30 and Shirokiya was the only place open at the time. Despite the fact that Madison and I pounded a bowl of Boo Berry for breakfast, Madison went for a second breakfast of Yan-Yans. More specifically, she went for the cream that comes with the Yan-Yans. Lynnette got whatever it is she’s eating in the picture. I inhaled a spicy ahi handroll. I’m supposed to be working on lessening the sizes of my meals. I’m doing a pretty good job. I’m also doing a bang-up job of offsetting that by working in more meals like second breakfast, post-dinner dinner, and what-the-hell-not-snack-when-no-one’s-looking. I feel like the jogging I’m doing is making me hungrier. Just gotta make adjustments, you know? I feel like the return of softball should help. Tomorrow night, 7 PM, at CORP. I mean weather permitting and all. And since we haven’t played in something like three weeks, why would the weather gods allow us to play tomorrow night? That’s not the way it works.

You know what one of my favorite underrated themes of the Christmas is? I love how clothing stores will stock winter wear that not enough people in Hawaii will buy. Then in January and February when they’re trying to get a jump start on the spring season, you can pick up a trench coat or a lined jacket or a cool sweater or something for 20% of the original price. That’s when you gotta do your best work: at the end of seasons. Unless you have disposable income. If you do, just forget everything I just said in this paragraph.

Lynnette and Madison tried on a few of the beanies in Macy’s. Lynnette went with a uniform. I found it symbolic, but I can’t decide if it’s because she’s my unicorn because she’s my mythical creature that I thought was impossible to catch… or if she’s my unicorn because I must drink her blood to survive. I know my stomach would seem to suggest otherwise, but I am in a weakened state.

Lynnette tried to get Madison into a few of the beanies that were meant to replicate the faces of cute animals, but Madison wouldn’t have it. Instead, she wanted the lone purple cap on the rack. Sigh…

For the first two years of her life, Madison’s interest in me seemed limited to play time. She knew that she could hang out with me if she wanted to get thrown on the bed, spun around, or chased around the house. While I enjoyed these games she and I would play, it was unsatisfying knowing that she’d want to spend her time with Lynnette for just about everything else. Madison’s attitude towards me was probably a symptom of the fact that Madison spent a whole lot more time with Lynnette than she did with me.

But in the last year or so – in particular the last 6 months – Madison and I have gotten along so much better than in the past. I guess the simplest way to describe it is that she seems to sincerely enjoy my company. Today, she painted the palm of my hand so I could make fake hand prints on the stone wall. I don’t know why, but Madison sees things I’ve forgotten about, so I just run with it. And love every second of it. Don’t get me wrong, she obviously is still very much mommy’s girl. But I am very happy that I am able to spend time with Madison without being made to feel like I’m just a space filler until moms makes her triumphant return.

Speaking on moms, her attempt to immerse Madison into the Disney Princesses culture continued this afternoon at the Disney Store. There was a sale on eating accessories, so Madison is now the proud owner of a placemat, fork and spoon set, and a dish, all emblazoned with Disney Princesses. I think it’s pretty obvious who’s more excited about this development.

Madison was indifferent towards the new Princess dinnerware, but she absolutely loves her new Ariel (The Little Mermaid) fake cell phone. It makes noises. She has make-believe conversations with other Disney Princesses. Here is a transcript of the conversation she had on the way to Old Navy. Of course, it was completely one-sided, just like a real phone conversation:


“Dis is Madison.”

“Where you at?”

“Oh, okay.”


She had numerous variations of this same conversation over the course of the day. Some of them were pretty funny. None of them were specific enough, though, for us to figure out what exactly she was planning with the princesses. No telling, really.

So… we shifted around our usual Sunday lunch at my parents’ house because we had something to do in the afternoon. Or so Lynnette thought. Our friend Derek is hosting a meet and greet in Mauka next Sunday. Except Lynnette thought it was this Sunday. So after we made all kinds of adjustments – including missing a Cowboys win – we learned that the event is next Sunday. But we didn’t figure this out until we got up from our afternoon nap, got dressed, made the short walk to the park and saw no one. “Are you sure it’s today?” I asked Lynnette. She reached into her pocket and pulled out her information slip. She started laughing. I wasn’t. But at least Madison got to ride her tricycle for a while. It was the thinnest of silver linings.


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