Dallas Cowboys (1-0) and Trouble With the Curve

Kevin Ogletree: most added player in fantasy football.

I spent yesterday reveling in the Cowboys’ victory over the Giants on opening night. I was too busy with work to do so in this space, so I guess I may as well do it now. Good win, ‘boys. My Facebook newsfeed exploded with posts about Kevin Ogletree (85, left) because of his 2-touchdown performance. Among these posts was the question “Who is this guy?” Well, let me tell you who he is. He’s a decent route runner with decent hands (something he’s illustrated sporadically over the past two seasons). More importantly, he’s the third receiver on a team with a competent quarterback and three other more respected targets in Jason Witten, Dez Bryant, and Miles Austin. Should Ogletree continue to rack up catches and touchdowns, I think the implication is clear: Dallas’ third receiver doesn’t need to be amazing, he just needs to be better than the other team’s worst DB. As Laurent Robinson showed last season, the third receiver on this team will consistently get the best match-ups because opposing defenses are concerned with stopping the other three guys. Also, DeMarco Murray helps. How long has it been since the Cowboys had a legitimate ground threat? Did he wear #22?

They’ve got me twisted up in the game.

Ogletree’s coming out party wasn’t even my favorite part of the game. No, that would be watching a defense featuring two corners who don’t get toasted routinely. Morris Claiborne (#24) and Brandon Carr (#39) were able to hold their own in man and press coverage – something the Cowboys DBs weren’t able to do consistently (or at all) last season. Now, the Cowboys can blitz without having to be terrorized by the thought of a long completion or the patented pass interference penalty. You’re absolutely right, it’s just one game. But this one game is already a better all-around showing than last season. You’re absolutely right, these are the Cowboys, and they always choke. Well, that’s true, too. Until they don’t. And really, that’s what being a fan means: practicing patience.

Earlier this week I read about a Clint Eastwood movie about baseball. Those two details are all I needed to begin a Google-sponsored fact-finding mission. Trouble With the Curve is ostensibly about a baseball scout in the twilight of his career as well as his relationship with his daughter. I will use the trailer above to explain my glee over this upcoming film.

0:08- John Goodman.

0:12- I love Crabby Clint Eastwood a la Gran Torino. I am hopeful because he’s kicking wooden furniture instead of talking to it.

0:23-0:25- “Dusty Baker, Dale Murphy, Tom Glavine” I’m pumped up about reference to actual baseball players, even if they were Braves which means I am morally obligated to hate all of them. Even you, Tom Glavine. Don’t think I’ve forgotten about your stinker (7 earned runs in 1/3 of an inning) on the last day of the 2007 season.

0:35-0:38- Me too, Amy. Me too.

0:45-1:10- Less human interest, more baseball! Justin Timberlake, though. That helps.


1:20-1:24- He’s so smooth.

1:30- T-1000 is a scouting director! Brock Hudson is a sabermetric scout!

1:45-1:48- Anti-Moneyball sentiment!

1:57- C’mon, Lynnette, we have to go see it now!

2:10 – I want to know if that’s CGI or not. She seemed out in front of that.

Looks like a winner! Happy Friday!


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