Fairies, the Dallas Cowboys (don’t even think about it), and Guys’ Columbus Day!

First period cover on a Monday morning. Man, they’re going to make me work for my Fall Break.

Obviously, the hope is that the tattoo will disappear prior to Halloween.

The saga that is finding Madison’s Halloween costume for 2012 took another twist on Sunday. Prior to this weekend, Madison has had three separate fairy costumes. We picked up the first from Party City. Lynnette had also ordered a green leotard on-line during a moment of Pinterest-fueled inspiration, as she thought she would construct a costume for Mad herself. Then, we found a cheaper one at Target, which Madison originally agreed to, but then decided against (once we had it at home). All of this points towards Madison being as fickle as her mother. For those of you scoring at home, this is not a good thing.

After lunch at my parents’ house yesterday afternoon, my mom took Madison shopping because she had some “Gym-Bucks” (money accrued from purchasing a ton of clothing at Gymboree) which were set to expire soon. Wouldn’t you know it? While we were there, Madison spotted this little get-up and she immediately fell in love with it. I suspect the pink has something to do with it. So that makes a grand total of four costumes, in whole or in part. This is it. I’m putting my foot down. I know we have just under a month before Halloween actually arrives, but I don’t care. No more fairies, no more costumes, no more ballyhoo, no more tomfoolery.

It’ll probably come down to this.

Speaking of nonsense, the Cowboys play the Bears tonight on MNF. This game will probably be decided by which team’s offensive lines plays less terribly. Tony Romo’s been knocked around during the first three games of the season, and he’s be all but decapitated by some of those hits. Jay Cutler’s anger towards his own offensive line has been well-documented this season. He already looked like a serial killer previously, but he’s raised his game to a new level. Tonight’s game might actually be more high-scoring if they scored it by sacks and knockdowns instead of actual points.

Well, the Cowboys have to come through at home since the Eagles – who, it should be noted, are having a hot and steamy affair with Lady Luck – defeated the Giants last night. My hope is simply to make it home slightly before halftime, while the game is either still close or the Cowboys are way ahead. I feel like I’ve typed that sentence 47 times in the last two years. Anyway, it will make for a solid Monday afternoon since our softball team has a bye. Get ’em Cowboys!

Left-to-Right: Me, Paul, Matty.

Next week will be Damien’s first fall break ever. Okay, I don’t know if that’s true, but it’ll be the first since I’ve been here. In the past, we’d blow through the entire first semester without a prolong break. By the time the Holidays rolled around to signal the end of the semester, I’d be a burnt out wreck. So what if we had to start a little earlier this year? Next week will be sooooooo worth it.

There’s a rumor going around that Matty has a 4-day weekend next weekend. This might be the first since his college days, or at least that lengthy period during which he threatened to break Brett’s unemployment streak. You know what this means? That’s right. GUYS’ COLUMBUS DAY! Get ready for all kinds of crazy like Arby’s for lunch and some kind of TV on DVD marathon! I’m pumped up, man. Almost to the point where I might actually “go out” and “have a drink.”

Let’s do this, First Quarter!



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