This Girl is on Fire

I took a break for the last two days because I was emotionally wiped out. I also found it difficult to hit up my usual style while feeling a little down. I already know how it would have played out: I would have listed a bunch of really sad songs and added my thoughts about them. I think we’re all glad it didn’t come to that. Again.

I raise my voice 800 octaves while Madison does homework or practice work. I sound the way Lynnette does when she’s talking about those many subtle shades of grey or sparkling vampires. If Madison ends up embracing her academics, it’ll all have been worth it.

This is Madison’s final year of pre-school (praise the Lord!) and she’s got homework. Lynnette is the one who sits down with Mad on her Little Tikes tables because A) she’s more patient than I am, and B) I can’t fit on that table. It generally takes the two of them about 15-20 minutes to complete the work. They had a little free time this afternoon so they took care of it a day early. The final assignment for Madison was to register how many times she could hop on her right leg and left leg, respectively. She hit 20 quick jumps on her right light; her skill impressed the hell out of me. Then she transitioned to her left leg and couldn’t manage to get past three before having to drop the right leg down to regain her balance. I think it’s pretty clear that my genetic influence is to be found in the Gob’s right leg, while Lynnette’s A-T-C-A-G-T-G is responsible for the left.

Madison successfully navigated her Filipino Initiation Rite.

In a rare quirk of scheduling, our family of three was able to spend time with both sides of the fam. We had lunch with my family in Aiea. My aunt and uncles who live in the mainland will be returning to their homes soon, so we moved up our weekly meal up a day. Madison ate KFC and discovered that she doesn’t like the “dark” parts of the chicken. Sometimes I wonder if she really is my daughter. But then she makes this sour face whenever Lynnette offers her veggies and I am assured that she is. Last night at Kuru Kuru Madison took a bite – a full bite, which includes rice AND tobiko AND nori – of a tobiko nigiri. There’s hope for her yet.

We had dinner with Lynnette’s parents and her aunt and uncle at their home. Lynnette’s aunt makes amazing shrimp scampi and ribs. If either of those two are in play, it will be a great meal. The shrimp was on the table 5 minutes after we arrived. Cue the Ice Cube. Anyway, the meal went fine, Madison played with some of her Disney Princess toys, we spent a few minutes doing some book work, and then Madison found a karaoke microphone hidden behind the television.

Lynnette’s uncle tried to get it to work, but was unsuccessful. As a consolation, he rolled out one of those old-school karaoke machines. Madison picked up the mic with huge eyes and whispered into it. Then she began talking more loudly. And then she unleashed her bossy voices. It’s the one where she says “We” instead of “I” and assumes everyone in the room is going to participate in her little game and follow her directions, regardless of how unreasonable they are. She sang a few songs, but I didn’t get any on video because Madison’s singing amounts to mumbling through the verses of songs, then shouting the choruses. I know that’s how 78% of the entire world’s population sings, too, but I’ve heard “Lights” and “Domino” and “Call Me Maybe” enough times in my life to hate them even when my daughter is singing.

I do have this, though:

She’s got a little lefty thing going on. She won’t be entering any epic rap battles any time soon. She’s taking stream of consciousness to its next and illogical step. Best of all, though, she cracks me up.


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