Super Coupon Sunday

We’re already over our budget for the week thanks to the purchase of a memory foam mattress top for Madison’s bed. I can’t remember if I specifically mentioned the evolution of our sleeping responsibilities, so I will do now. Lynnette no longer sleeps on that foldout mattress on the floor of Madison’s room. Lynnette sleeps with Madison in her twin bed on Sunday-Thursday nights (school nights). This leaves me to sleep alone in the master bedroom. Other than being allowed to really explore the space while I sleep, the best part about sleeping alone is that when I get up early in the morning, I don’t have to worry about waking one or both of my girls. I just close the bedroom door and get ready with Law and Order: Criminal Intent on.

I wish I caught Mad’s face when she realized the hot chocolate was still hot.

I apologize for digressing. Anyway, since we’re ahead of our projected budget for this week, we couponed Sunday away. We ate brunch at IHOP. Has anyone ever had a good experience at IHOP? I’ve eaten at both the Aiea one and the one at Windward Mall. The service is terrible at both locations anywhere near peak meal time. Does anyone else feel this way about IHOP? Since I eat there so infrequently, I also forgot that they’re expensive. It’s like once you go Denny’s, you can’t go back to anything else, especially since they brought the fried cheese melt back.

My hashbrowns and bacon were cold by the time the food was brought to our table. I think we spent something like 40 minutes there in total, which is unconscionable for breakfast. I’m not trying to spend all day at IHOP. We had a coupon which basically amounted to Madison eating for free, but if I ever mention that I’m thinking about going to IHOP ever again, please remind me I hate that place.

A concussion waiting to happen.

As always, the real reason we ever go all the way out to Windward Mall is the “soft playground,” as Madison calls it. I can’t complain. It’s a small, enclosed area for toddlers to play. It’s air conditioned. How the hell can Mililani claim to be some kind of All-American city if it doesn’t have one of these somewhere? Preposterous.

We wandered around for a few minutes after brunch because I didn’t want Madison to hit up the playground immediately after eating and pull an “Uncle Paul Tebowing Next to the Toilet All Night After Partying” and barf all over the place. The Goob was able to play for about 10 minutes before the population of the playground went from “crowded” to “Halawa Prison-crowded.”

Lynnette and Madison are super-photogenic and I am super-jealous.

I suggested that if she ate all of my snacks, I would have to make the back of her neck my snack. She agreed without hesitation. “You can’t eat my neck, Dad, that’s only pretend.” I am going to have to recalibrate my methods.

We also had passes for Regal Cinema this Super Coupon Sunday, so we decided to take in a movie. The only two children’s options were Frankenweenie and Hotel Transylvania. I opted against the former because the latter was in full color. Also, the last two Tim Burton movies I enjoyed featured Johnny Depp with scissors for hands and Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne as Batman.

The last movie we saw in the theater was Brave, and coincidentally, Hotel Transylvania touched on some of the same themes as that Pixar film. No, there were no bow and arrows this time, but I feel as if there’s an undercurrent of animated films exploring the relationship dynamics between young protagonists and their parents. Tangled, Brave, and now Hotel Transylvania all feature some form of this concept as a major component of their respective plots.

I won’t spoil the movie for anyone, but anyone my age plus-or-minus 5 years should be able to recognize the vocal cast even without having an idea before walking into the theater. Adam Sandler only ever sounds like Adam Sandler –  even when he’s trying to sound like Dracula. David Spade’s voice is unique, as is Steve Buscemi’s. It was a mini-SNL reunion almost.

Madison had a great time, over laughing at some of the sight gags. I think, though, that the primary source of her enjoyment came from eating most of the snacks we had bought prior to entering the theater. I stocked up on li hing gummy bears and lemon peel thinking that I would have some treats for later. Nope.

Highlight of the Day: Madison’s been playing a lot of Plants vs. Zombies on the iPad. Today as we were walking through the mall (before we saw the movie), she said “This is how the zombies walk, dad!” She bent pigeon-toed one of her legs and started to walk forwardly awkwardly and slowly. “LATAMA KEYZER SOZE!” I shouted. It was just an involuntary reaction. “What?” Lynnette asked. “She’s walking like Keyzer Soze,” I said. “No, no, dad, it’s a zombie,” Madison said. “Oh, yeah, she’s been practicing that,” Lynnette said. Mad straightened out her leg. “And like that… he’s gone,” I said. I blew the kiss, too. And then I giggled. I know, I know I have no idea how I tricked Lynnette into marrying me.


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