Date Day: The End of the Twilight Saga

It’s already Sunday afternoon. Yes, it was a great Thanksgiving weekend, but like all weekends, it was far too brief. I was too lazy to write up a Black Friday entry and we just got back from one of Lynnette’s beloved craft fairs. Everyone’s got shopping stories from this weekend, so I’ll go in another direction. Lynnette and I did “Date Day” on Saturday. Madison hung out with my parents. We mixed in a little shopping, but nothing worthy of note.

I love that soft glow of light behind her. She looks like an angel about take her lunch down to Chinatown. I don’t even know what that means.

I have no idea why it looks like I’m rocking a Twilight makeup job.

I had never been to Nico’s once in my life, and I’ve now eaten there twice in the last month. That’s how it goes. Lynnette got a gift card for Nico’s as one of her birthday gifts. They way to Lynnette’s heart is the scenic route from her lips down to her stomach. She loves food like she loves Madison: wholly and unconditionally. Unless the food has ketchup. Then she hates it unconditionally.

Anyway, Lynnette went with the seared furikake ahi and I went with a poke bowl. I would have gone with something more substantial, but I had eaten breakfast only a few hours prior to lunch. I’m still trying to recover from my three-square-meal schedule while on the Encounter Retreat. I never eat like that, but by the last day, my stomach begins to expect that it will be fed every four hours. Real life is not like that. Well, anyway, the fish was good, and Lynnette even liked the sauce her fish came with. This is not normal. She’s an omnivore, but a very picky omnivore. Perhaps her binomial name would be diva omniverous. I know, pretty amazing that I only have two years of Latin under my considerably lengthy belt.

Sadly, neither Turbo nor Ozone were part of the festivities.

She didn’t cry. That I know of.

The highlight of “Date Day” was the climactic end of the Twilight saga (as it refers to itself) with Breaking Dawn pt. 2. I had seen comments about the movie on Facebook for about a week before Lynnette and I saw it. Most of them hailed the film as “the best of the Twilight movies.” While that statement appears positive, comparing one Twilight movie to other Twilight movies and claiming one as the best is like saying “This turd isn’t as turdy as that turd.”


Having never read the books like some hybrid admissions directors/campus ministers I work with, I had no idea what the hell was going to happen. That’ why the final fight scene was so awesome! Mike Dexter got his head ripped off by the guy from Tron: Legacy! Jasper died! The one bad guy with the huge head died! Consequences! Yes! And then it was one of Alice’s premonitions. WHAT THE F*CK?! Not the “It was all a dream!” ending! I was pissed! There was a split-second right after the scene ended and the camera pulled back where I was disoriented. Then when I realized what had happened, I whispered the f-word to Lynnette (I am a considerate movie-goer). And then when the credits went on to feature just about every character/actor in all five films, I was even more upset. It comes in only slightly less indulgent than the last 15 minutes of Return of the King! 


Honestly, I could complain forever, but I figure that doing it right means asking Lynnette for her opinion:

I absolutely loved reading the Twilight books.  Sadly, the movies didn’t do them any justice.  I’ll admit that the movies were entertaining, but I don’t feel as if they developed the characters enough.  I also would have appreciated it if Kristen Stewart’s retard faces had ended up on the cutting room floor.  I mean, I know she’s supposed to be portraying an awkward young woman and all, but she just took it too far.  Leave out the stupid faces, and she actually would have been a likable Bella.  Speaking of casting, I would like to thank the directors and producers for casting Robert Pattinson as Edward.  He had a notable role in Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire.  However, his stint as Edward allowed him the opportunity to realize and fully live up to his hottie potential.  Fortunately, Phil has also learned to embrace my crush on Robert Pattinson as evidenced by the life-sized Edward cutout standing in our Mets-themed garage. (Phil got it for my birthday one year.)  Come to think about it, Phil has been very supportive of my love for Twilight.  We have the Twilight movie posters hanging in our computer room, where Phil spends most of his time.  In addition, he has always been the one insisting that we go see the movies in the theater even though I would have been content to wait until they came out on Blu-ray.  Wait a second… Does Phil have a thing for Robert Pattinson too?  I digress. 

Simply put, the movies were fun while they lasted.  It’s like the guy you date because you have such a fun time with him, but deep inside, you know it’s not gonna last because your relationship lacks real substance.  I guess that’s why I’m not devastated that the Twilight Movie Era is over.  In the end, I know that I’ll always have the books to go back to.

Keep your damned amateur psychology to yourself, Lynnette! Libel!

It’s officially the Christmas Season as far as Madison is concerned.

Aside: Madison loves putting change into the Salvation Army buckets during the Christmas season. I am positive it has something to do with the constant bell-ringing that calls to Mad like a siren’s song. On Wednesday we visited Longs and one of the collectors was ringing away. Madison wanted to make a donation, but we didn’t have change. We told her that we would have change after purchasing some body wash (on sale). Well, the gods conspired against Madison. Somehow, the clerk rang Lynnette up incorrectly, which added a few minutes to the checkout time. That’s all it took for the Salvation Army rep to pack her things up and move along. When Madison finally got her hands on some coin, the bell had stopped ringing and the lady was gone. Mad had been yelling at us the entire time we were trying to straighten out the transaction, but we were occupied. When we got home, Madison started crying (she hadn’t napped) and said “You guys took to long and the bell lady went home.” It was hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time. On Saturday, we were halfway through Macy’s when Madison heard the bell. “I need money!” she shouted. I had some change in my pocket. Madison took the coins in her sweaty hands and ran to the bucket. She put the coins in one at a time, smiling all the while. It’s Christmas time, yo.

She opted for this instead of the grilled cheese sandwich. A bigger upset than Notre Dame over USC. Kidding! No get nuts!

Lynnette ordered dinner and lunch for Monday.

You know that point in your life when what you look like in pictures isn’t the same as the way you look in your own head? Yeah, I passed that point about six years ago.

We picked Madison up from my parents house on our way back from town. We had a few errands to run, including having Madison pick a new ornament for the Christmas tree. During our first two years in our own home, we went with the Walmart ornaments. They look colorful and wonderful, but also a little generic. Our long-term plan is to replace a Walmart ornament with a single different ornament each year. Johan Santana and DeMarcus Ware are already on the tree. Sadly, this season, the Hallmark sports ornaments feature such notable athletes as Willie Mays making “the catch,” and hockey’s Bobby Orr. Also, Scott Fujita of the Cleveland Browns. I know, right? Anyway, it looks like I will have to wait another year to see if Hallmark turns another of my favorite professional athletes into a Christmas Ornament.

We ate dinner together at Bravo. There wasn’t a whole lot of talking going on during dinner. I, of course, ordered lasagna and was pleased with my meal. Why does lasagna taste so good? It’s my favorite non-sushi food, and the only reason that it isn’t in a tie with sushi is that lasagna is so hearty that you have to be hungry to eat it. You can’t just eat like a lasagna handroll or two-piece lasagna nigiri. You gotta be ready to grind if you’re going to eat lasagna. You’ve gotta have some room for it.

Anyway, if our plans work out, we’ll do some living room re-arrangement this afternoon and have the Christmas tree up by sunset. We’re going to have to figure out what to do with the fish tank. Lynnette, a noted Christmas fanatic is already wrapping Christmas gifts. In truth, our family has two finest seasons. The first of course, is summer; Lynnette and I met during a summer, I have summers off with Madison, it’s a time of adventure. Our second best season – in part because it’s shorter – is the Christmas season. Obviously, the Holidays gives us a reason to shop. But Christmas affects Madison and Lynnette differently than it affects me. I see it as two weeks off of work. But for my girls, it really is the most wonderful time of the year, and it shows in their eyes and smiles.


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