Nearing the End of Another Christmas Break

Uncle Paul took us to dinner last night! It was delicious! Still, it wasn’t as fun as helping him look for new shoes afterwards. He’s been rocking these American Eagle (I think) runners since forever. He finally got some new shoes. Thanks for dinner, Paul. Enjoy your new shoes!

Trying to make sure she got her uncle's money's worth.

Trying to make sure she got her uncle’s money’s worth.

Madison's art project titled "Oops." Medium: Ice cream on mom.

Madison’s art project titled “Oops.” Medium: Ice cream on mom.

So the real impetus for visiting Waikele was the aforementioned quest for new shoes. For as frequently as Matty and I buy shoes, Paul is the polar opposite. He can save money in a way that I am totally incapable of, so he will likely do with his new shoes what he’s done to every other pair he’s ever owned: wear them until they literally fall apart and scream at him Buy some new shoes, asshole! Sorry, shoes, Paul will always choose seasons of television on DVD over you.

Anyway, we enjoyed dinner at Genki Sushi – except for the part that even the spicy ahi is on a red plate now. I tried to compensate for this price shift by not getting myself a soft drink. Only Madison drank anything with flavor, and she loved it. Madison always looks like Madison to me, but there are other small clues to signal that she’s growing up. She can eat.

After dinner but before shoes, we picked up dessert at Baskin Robins. Miraculously, they had Madison’s cotton candy flavor. She brought it with her up to the outlets. As we walked towards Vans, I heard a crash behind me. It was Mad’s ice cream. Amazingly, it fell right-side-up. Equally as impressive was the fact that Lynnette had ice cream splashed all over her right foot, fight leg, and belly. Madison froze and her eyes grew to the size of beach balls. Lynnette slowly brought out napkins. “I got it, I got it!” Madison shouted, ripping the napkins out of Lynnette’s hand. This was probably an attempt to mitigate her punishment. Smart girl.

To be fair, neither of them ate all their food in one sitting.

To be fair, neither of them ate all their food in one sitting. And in case you were wondering, of course I had the corned beef hash loco moco again.

Another fake roller coaster. One day, we're going to have to take her on a real one.

Another fake roller coaster. One day, we’re going to have to take her on a real one.

The weather is for crap this week. You may recall I took Madison to Chuck E. Cheese earlier in the week. We took her to the Chuck E. Cheese in Kalihi today. To my knowledge, we have now visited all locations on the island. You can see them, but confetti is raining down from our ceiling. Cool and the Gang’s “Celebration” is blasting over speakers from somewhere. Exciting stuff. This Kalihi Chuck E. Cheese is bigger, but since we went during lunch on a Saturday, it was packed. There was one boy who had ostensibly run out of tokens – if he ever had any – and was either trying to take them from other children or freeload on rides. When Madison wanted to ride the video roller coaster, the kid just sat in the seat without actually operating it. I kindly asked him if my daughter could have a chance. He popped out. Mad sat in it and we buckled her in. She popped the token in and sure enough, the kid tried to hop on. I didn’t let him. “You already have your turn,” I said. So instead of slide himself onto the ride, he leaned against the chair and watched the video along with Mad.

It’s just a quarter. I get it. It’s the principle of the thing. WATCH YOUR KID.

I don’t want this thing to end on a sour note, so I suppose I should tell you that I have 15 essays left to grade. Let the good times roll.


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