Matty’s wife Tanya (still weird to say/write that) threw a surprise party for Matty yesterday. We were instructed to be at Doraku on Kapiolani before 5:30. That was all we knew. Lynnette took off of work early, I left school immediately following last period, and we made it back into town before 5. Traffic was surprisingly tolerable. After a walk around the adjacent shops, we entered the restaurant to be seated.

This is about as stealthy as she gets.

This is about as stealthy as she gets.

The space reserved for the party was an upstairs loft overlooking the main dining floor. Madison scooted over to the edge to peek over it. “Wow! We’re so high!” she said. Earlier in the week Lynnette explained to Madison what a surprise party was. Madison responded with – to no one’s surprise – “I want a surprise party.”

As other guests slowly started to trickle in, Madison came alive, jabbering away about school, her favorite TV shows, and anything else that kicked around in that wild mind of hers. She got so excited that I had to tell her to quiet down. When she made a face at me, I said “What happens if Uncle Matty hears you? Then he’s not going to be surprised.” Her scowl disappeared and two large round eyes bulged from their sockets. “Do you want to ruin the surprise?” I was whispering, of course, to add to the effect. “No,” she whispered. “Why don’t you go check if Uncle Matty and Aunty Tanya are here,” I said. Madison crawled over to the edge again, but this time peered through a crack in the slats. She turned to Lynnette and I and whispered “They’re not here yet.” She’s the best.



Tanya’s BFF Sam got a call from Tanya telling her that she and Matty were on their way to the restaurant. This drove Madison’s excitement into the stratosphere. “What should we say?” Sam asked Madison. “Happy birthday? or Surprise?” It took about two seconds for Madison to go with “SURPRISE.” I’d have to agree with her. You can say “Happy Birthday” all the time, but only under rare conditions can you shout “SURPRISE!” That’s opportunity cost, Mad. Great job. So when Sam said “They’re here,” Madison’s glee ramped up to a solid 24 out of 10. When Matty emerged from the staircase, we all shouted and Madison waved both hands in front of her frantically. All I have to say is that there’s no way we can’t throw a surprise party for Mad at some point. It might supplant the day I let her play at 808 Bounce fro two-and-a-half hours as the greatest day of her life.

Happy birthday, Matty!

Happy birthday, Matty!

It was a great night, the festivities mitigated slightly by the fact that it was a Tuesday (that never happens!) night. The food was awesome; Lynnette and I recommend the garlic steak and Emperor Roll. There may or may not have been some sake involved.

Thank you, Tanya, for putting together such a great night for Matty’s birthday. I really hope that you do steal, then hide his PS3. I think he’s gullible enough to believe that thieves took it, but left everything else in the house, including Bijou. This void in his life should give him the sadness necessary for him to write and record Such is Life 2: This 2 Shall Pass.

Matty, I hope you wake up at 10 with a moderate headache and do whatever the hell you want with the rest of your day, other than play PS3, of course. Happy birthday, old man.


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