It’s All Fun and Games Until the Weekend’s Over

There are steep consequences to be paid for a three-day, fun-filled weekend.

I'd actually rather hike than deal with this.

I’d actually rather hike than deal with this.

I’ll probably have to stay late for the next three days in the attempt of catching up with some grading. I am pretty sure I’ve made this analogy before, but it’s exactly like my credit card debt. I’ll try my best to keep up with my grading, but then a string of events comes along and then it just builds and builds to the point where I look at it and say “Okay, for real…” I don’t really know what that is supposed to mean other than I suppose I really have to get down to business. Raise your hand if you started singing “Let’s get down to business –  to defeat the Huns.”

This stack will be even deeper in about 6 hours after three more tests – two on Hamlet and one on Macbeth. But I am not asking for pity. Whenever I am mired in ungraded work and ask myself why I do this, I get angry, then a voice inside of my head says “June and July, stupid.” And then I say “Oh, yeah” out loud to myself. Then, anyone within earshot will look at me while I’m wearing a stupid grin and say “What, Mister?” Then I say “Nothing. Nothing.” Besides, I know someone else who has it worse right now.

This is what's known as "waking up in parts."

Some people just can’t handle hiking.

Brushing teeth with eyes closed. Nice, Mad.

Brushing teeth with eyes closed. Nice, Mad.

Lynnette sent me this picture with the caption “Rough Morning.” I thought it was just Madison laying in bed at first until I opened it on my computer and started laughing hysterically. SHE SLEPT FOR LIKE TEN HOURS! Then again, I suppose she’s never done anything so physically taxing in her short life than that hike we took yesterday. She didn’t nap on the way home from Hawaii Kai. She pranced around when we got home, and ate dinner like a good girl. Lynnette told me that once she turned off the light in Mad’s room last night, the Goob was snoring within five minutes. I guess ten hours of sleep simply wasn’t enough for Mad.

I give Lynnette credit for getting Madison dressed with what looks like an absence of tears. Madison is known to pull stunts on morning like this, but so far, my phone hasn’t gone off with a meltdown notice. It’s kind of like that wind advisory which was in effect all weekend. I hope that Lynnette doesn’t have to endure a catastrophic reactor failure this morning; those aren’t any fun at all.

Honestly, I have to give Madison credit. She was a great sport during the hike yesterday, and other than the whole “I don’t want to go hiking ever again” bit, I think she enjoyed herself. I know this is something obvious, but I feel like it’s worth saying: Madison makes everything better. Would I have enjoyed the hike if Madison didn’t come along? Probably not, as I am not the outdoorsy type. But Madison screaming at Lynnette and I to wait for her so she could scratch her legs every time the wind kicked up pebbles into her shins? Priceless.

Hey, at least it’s a short week.


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