Bathroom Redecoration Completion

Our bathroom redecoration is complete. Here are a few pictures of the bathroom that is currently mine, but will one day become Madison’s. She better not demand a redecoration when she finally does inherit it.

We chose to

We chose to deck out the sink counter with glasses filled with sand and shells. The sand is from Sandy Beach. I am no sand connoisseur, but the sand there is at least 55 times more impressive than the kind to be found at Ko’olina or Ala Moana. I guess “Sandy Beach” is not just a clever nickname. The impressive looking shells were purchased from Soha at Kahala Mall. Among many ocean-themed items, Soha apparently sells various iterations of small billboards with the ubquitous “Keep Calm and __________________” meme. I believe one might even be able to customize one to one’s liking. Mine would be done up in orange text on a blue background and read “Keep Calm and Wait Until Next Season.”

In a not-so-shocking

In a not-so-shocking gender role reversal, Lynnette installed these shelves on Friday night while I was in the kitchen making dinner. We are a progressive family, and also it should be pretty clear why it’s taken me so long to fill out my Man Card.

This is the view from the throne.

This is the view from the throne. Lynnette purchased the jellyfish and clown fish prints years ago with the intention of putting them in a bathroom. We moved into our home in 2007, and it’s taken over five years for us to do something like this with a section of our bathroom. I wanted both pictures to sit on shelves, but Lynnette insisted that hanging Nemo on the opposite wall would “balance out the space.” Well, when your wife is the one who put up the shelves, you probably have to acquiesce. That’s another stamp on my Thinking Man Card. I’ve filled the hell out of that one.

Funny story about the shower curtain:

Funny story about the shower curtain: This beige/white deal wasn’t our first choice. When we originally went to Bed Bath and Beyond, we found a solid color one with some abstract wavy lines on it. The only problem was they didn’t have it in stock. We ordered it through the store and it was to be delivered to our house. Lynnette and I bought the paint for the bathroom based on our memory that the shower curtain we had selected was a bold teal. When the package arrived last Thursday, I opened it and immediately began laughing. It wasn’t teal. In fact, it was very nearly the exact color of the paint we had chosen. I don’t know how two people make that same mistake. So we returned it and went with this one instead, and I must say, I think it works better. It catches the white of the shelves and counter (and toilet) and the gold of the frames (and sand). The lesson (and modification of the old carpenter’s adage): take pictures with your phone twice and buy shower curtains once.


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