Spring Time Means Frankenstein and Fantasy Baseball

I wish I could regale you with tales of awesome adventuring, but I’ve been pretty busy with work recently, and things are going to get busier.

I can't decide which song is more appropriate: Christopher Cross' "Sailing" or Whitesnake's "Here I Go Again."

I can’t decide which song is more appropriate: Christopher Cross’ “Sailing” or Whitesnake’s “Here I Go Again.”

It’s the fourth quarter, and in my British Authors classes, that means Frankenstein. Teaching Frankenstein always fills me with ambivalence. On the one hand, it signals that the school year is nearing its completion. On the other, I know it means 24 chapters of Romanticism and 9-foot tall monster comprised of reanimated body parts who serves as a metaphor for about five different things.

Adding to the degree of difficulty is the fact that this is the hardest time of the year to teach seniors. Somehow, once they return from Spring Break, they can see the graduation light at the end of the high school tunnel. Usually, this manifests itself in the most extreme stage of Senioritis, commonly referred to as “Blowing Everything Off.”

On the bright side? We’ll be watching some Macbeth videos next week. So I’ve got that going for me.

Don't worry, I've already called ahead to McDonald's to make reservations.

Don’t worry, I’ve already called ahead to McDonald’s to make reservations.

Speaking of my friend Shakespeare, by the end of class today, I will also have 40 term papers on Hamlet comfortably resting in the assignments trays on my desk. I also have that going for me. I always dread paper-grading time. Yes, it is miserable for the obvious reasons, but there are more subtle causes for my overall lack of excitement. Paper-grading is usually the time when I’ll run through the ink in a pen or two. While this seems innocuous, what you may not know about me is that I am very particular about the pens I use:

The Team.

The Team.

A. Uni-Ball Jetstream (1.0). Use: General writing. I plow through these like you wouldn’t believe. They are also stolen from me on a weekly basis.

B. Pentel Energel (0.7). Use: Correcting essays written in pencil or blue ink, making notes in novels, texts. Especially enjoyable to use while writing on a surface thicker than a single sheet or paper.

C. Sharpie (fine, assorted colors). Use: Correcting short-answer quizzes.

D. Paper Mate Clearpoint Pencil (0.7). Use: Writing, diagramming personal notes.

E. Paper Mate Clearpoint Pencil (0.5). Use: Writing in grade book. The boxes in my grade book are small and require a thinner lead for clarity.

F. Paper Mate Ink Joy (1.0, assorted colors). Use: Correcting essays written in black ink.

No, I know. Lynnette rolls her eyes every time I try to explain to her why I need so many pens. I have a system, alright? Judge me not, lest though shalt not live in glass houses while calling a stone black.



But, but, but, but! There is a very sexy carrot resting at the end of this week. I know that Sunday is supposed to be the day of rest, but it’ll be an extremely busy (the good kind) one for me. First, I have a softball game at 9:30. Every game is a chance to right the ship. Then, I have a 1st birthday party to attend. My brother will be playing music at this party. That’s right, I have another opportunity to listen to his amazing rendition of “No Such Thing.” Can’t wait. Finally, the main event is the fantasy baseball draft. This is the one serious league I participate in – in contrast to the 9 teams (Fuck! I gave in to temptation!) I have on ESPN.

Since my body clock was a wreck earlier this week, I spent about an hour on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night doing research (sorry, the highlighter didn’t make the A-Team pictured above). The fantasy league is a keeper league, which means I can keep up to five players from last season. I am going to carry Ryan Braun, Andrew McCutchen, Ian Kinsler, Bryce Harper, and Steven Strasburg into this season. I won the league last season so I will have the last pick. I cannot express how geeked up I get about this stuff. It would be the highlight of the spring if not for non-fantasy baseball and my daughter’s birthday.


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  1. […] the Expo marker doesn’t require much pressure to use, but writing on paper with one of my favorite pens is trickier. I have to write slowly to control the amount of pressure on the tip of my index […]

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