(In the style of Eddie Money) We Got Three Tickets to Disneyland!

It’s official. Madison, Lynnette, and I will be headed to Disneyland this summer. The three of us headed to our bank on Monday afternoon to see what could be done regarding our finances, and we came up with a plan that would both allow us to take the trip, and pay off some of our current debt at a lower interest rate. Excuse me for not acting like I’ve been here before, but man, I rarely get a win – let alone a win/win.

We'll say hello and take a metric ton of pictures.

We’ll say hello and take a metric ton of pictures.

Before leaving our home for the bank, I called Madison over and said, “We’re going to the bank. We’re going to see if we have enough money to go to Disneyland.” “Okay!” she shouted. I wasn’t sure what to make of this reaction, so I qualified my statement further. “No, we’re not going to Disneyland, we’re going to see if we have enough money to go; we might not be able to go, alright?” “Okay,” she said, this time noticeably less excited. “Do you think we can go if we give the man at the bank ten monies?” Madison asked on our way to the bank. Lynnette and I laughed. “It’s going to take a lot more than ‘ten monies,'” I said.

Long story short, we can afford the trip. Madison sat through the extremely adult conversation about numbers and interest rates and all of the things that I can’t/won’t/don’t understand. When we finally ended our meeting, I turned to Madison and said, “The man said we have enough money.” I wish I caught her reaction on camera. She did that thing  that I do whenever I hear incredible, shocking news – like when Lynnette tells me “I’ll put Madison to bed and come back cruise with you,” – she tilted her head back, leaned against my leg, then started spasming. She might have been speaking in tongues, but she says so much nonsense anyway that it was hard for me to tell.

Not quite the reaction we were expecting...

Not quite the reaction we were expecting…

You’d think Madison would have rode the groundswell of positive emotion for the rest of the night, but she did not. As we headed to dinner (the meeting took longer than anticipated), she asked a seemingly innocuous question: Can Abby come with us. “No,” Lynnette said. “She can’t come with us on the plane.” Madison fell silent. During dinner, Lynnette or I broached the subject of Disneyland again, to which Madison replied, “I don’t want to go to Disneyland.” Shocked, we asked Madison why she had such a change of heart. “Abby’s going to miss us,” she said.

I already knew what was going to happen next. I could see circles of redness start to form around Mad’s eyes. There was a hint of wetness in them. She buried her face in Lynnette’s shoulder.  A few moments later, she turned with free-flowing tears. “I don’t want to go without Abby,” she said. “But Abby will be okay, she’ll stay with Mama and Papa,” Lynnette said. “She’s going to miss us too much,” Madison insisted. “Don’t you think Abby wants us to go and have a good time?” Lynnette asked. “No, I think Abby wants to cruise with us,” she answered. She probably has a point. “What if we get something for Abby from Disneyland? Like a shirt?” Lynnette asked. “Let’s just go and get Abby a shirt and come right back,” Madison said. I almost laughed, but didn’t. I knew that if I laughed, Madison’s sorrow would become rage. I wasn’t about to forfeit sushi.

These two clowns might have saved the trip.

These two clowns might have saved the trip.

Later that night, Lynnette and I showed Madison a few pictures of Disneyland. It seems that for the time being, Mater and McQueen have assuaged her fears of leaving Abby. Lynnette and I also hammered out the details of our trip. We unloaded the clip of the miles on our Visa card so that we will pay for only a single night at the hotel. We used a coupon in the Entertainment Book to get a discount on a rental car.

That's us in section 411.

That’s us in section 411.

There’s still a long way for us to go in planning this thing. What I am certain of is that I will spend more time at Disneyland than I ever wanted to. I will pack comfortable sneakers. Also, I purchased tickets to an Angels game against the Yankees. Based on what I have seen on the schedule, there is a remote possibility that this Sunday game will become the Sunday Night Baseball game on ESPN. I suppose it would take both the Yankees and the Angels to be doing well enough for the game to matter. By then, hopefully the Yankees will be fielding a team with players that I have heard of. Hopefully, Mark Teixeira, Curtis Granderson, and Derek Jeter will all have found their way back into the line-up. On the other side, I have high hopes in regards to watching Mike Trout, Josh Hamilton, and Albert Pujols. I have a 1-in-5 chance of catching Jered Weaver or CC Sabathia.

Other than that, we have still to plan other details. We’re considering Sea World, Universal Studios, the San Diego Zoo, and all the obvious tourist stuff. When I brought up the map of all of the Olive Garden restaurants in and around Anaheim, Lynnette began spasming and speaking in tongues. I know I lived in LA for four years, but I never had enough money to do or see much. If anyone has suggestions for kid-friendly, moderately priced entertainment, please feel free to let me know.

It still hasn’t hit me. It probably won’t until I have to deal with the TSA. But already, my mind is racing. I can’t believe I’m going to say this: I’M TOO EXCITED TO SLEEP!


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  1. […] “Why did you say those things about Abby?” I asked. “I don’t know,” Madison said. After a pause, she said “Abby might poop on the plane.” I would later find out that this was something Lynnette had told Madison as part of a convoluted explanation as to why Abby could not go to Disney Land with us. If you recall, on the day we decided to take our vacation, Madison was broken up about having to leave Abby. […]

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