Easter Weekend 2013: Friday

Lynnette disappeared early this morning to have lunch with one of her longtime friends. Madison and I were left at home to our own devices. Yes, that means Disney Jr. and the internet, respectively. I thought that Lynnette would be home some time in the middle of the morning, but she got home nearer to lunch time. Madison suggested that we visit the “soft playground” at Windward Mall, so that’s what we did.

Mail helpers.

Mail helpers.

Madison and I were dressed and ready to rock (except for Madison’s hair, only moms can take care of that) and I got tired of waiting around. “You want to take Abby for a walk to the mailbox, Mad?” I asked. Before Madison replied, Abby perked up and began performing somersaults in the living room. If you say the word “walk” within earshot of my dog, it well set her off into a spasming akin to telling Madison we’re going to Disneyland or Lynnette telling me she’s coming to bed after putting Madison to sleep on any given night. They say a dog takes on the personality of its owner. Anyway, Madison was the official letter carrier and Abby was our escort. Since Abby rarely gets outside, she soaks up every chance she gets.

She's kind a big kid now.

She’s kind of a big kid now.

There was a time when I’d follow Madison around the playground at Windward Mall like a chaperone at a high school dance intent on ruining everyone’s night. She was unsteady, she was ambitious, and she didn’t understand the danger of that combination. Now, Lynnette and I turn her loose and talk or check our phones. She runs around, shouts a bunch of nonsense, jumps off of things, slides down things, and pretends to surf on the turtle and hammerhead shark. The thing I am most impressed with, however, is how aware she is of children smaller than she is. She was climbing and sliding on the ship. A parent placed their very young child on the deck of the ship. Madison did not attempt to scoot by, she did not attempt to muscle her way through. She simply waited for the child to stagger to the end of the surface. We’re trying our best. Little things like this feel like rewards, you know?

See how she keeps both her candy and drink so close to her person so as not to have to share any of it with fathers.

See how she keeps both her candy and drink so close to her person so as not to have to share any of it with fathers.

For the second time, I found a ridiculous deal on shoes at Windward Mall. I got an $80 dollar pair of shoes for $35. It pains me to admit that I selected these shoes over a new Mets cap for this season, but so it goes. Perhaps if the Mets are still within shouting distance of the playoffs in May or June, I’ll consider the purchase again.

Madison chased her playtime with an Icee and li hing mui sour watermelons. She didn’t say much. At various points today, Madison and I were under the impression that it was Saturday. Only Lynnette seemed to fully understand that it was Friday. That’s why I had a heathen Subway sandwich for lunch even though I made myself a mushroom omelet for breakfast. I just forgot what day it was.

Here’s to a decent start to a four-day weekend. It’s going to get better; fantasy baseball draft tomorrow. Now to start on a meatless dinner.


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