Easter Weekend 2013: Monday

Sometimes things just work out perfectly. Damien observes both the Good Friday and Easter Monday holidays, making this weekend of the four-day variety. The day off today is especially significant because the Mets 2013 opener took place today. I woke up a few minutes after Lynnette and Madison; the Mets game was scheduled to begin at 7:10 AM. I was so excited prior to the game that I walked through the living room with a strut that’s a combination of the Tully Blanchard and Jeff Jarrett struts and Ken Leung’s little dance from Keeping the Faith. Lynnette scoffed. “Look at you, doing your signature move,” she said. “I only have one move,” I said. “It’s Opening Day.


Collin Cowgill hit a grand slam to ice the game.

Things couldn’t have gone much better for the Mets in the opener. They beat the Padres by a final score of 11-2. Jon Niese (on my fantasy team) got the win to go along with four strikeouts. David Wright had two steals, which put him on pace for 324 swipes this season. That would likely be a new record. New Mets Marlon Byrd, John Buck, and Collin Cowgill had RBI hits in their first game, Cowgill’s being a grand slam. The other Mets player on my fantasy team, Ike Davis, went 0-for-5 with four strikeouts. During the fantasy draft, I projected Davis to hit 50 HR this season. It’s only one game, but perhaps I will have to recalibrate my numbers. Anyway, METS WIN! METS IN 2013!

Even Abby loves Opening Day!

Even Abby loves Opening Day!

After the Mets game, I drove to my parents’ house to pick up food left over from our lunch yesterday. The reason I did not simply take the food home yesterday is embedded in a long story which involves misinformation regarding the time of an Easter Egg hunt and a dinner that ultimately did not happen. I would rather not tell this story so as to keep the focus on Opening Day.

When I returned home from Aiea – having driven through two separate road detours – Abby was waiting for me. “Can we please watch more Opening Day baseball together, Master?” she said. “Ruff!” I replied. I heated up some of the leftovers for lunch. Abby’s attention alternated between whatever game was on the television and sniffing the air for molecules of my lunch.

The pessimist would say "This is a sad life." The optimist would say "Every life has a chance at transcendence." I say it is what it is.

The pessimist would say “This is a sad life.” The optimist would say “Every life has a chance at transcendence.” I say it is what it is.

After lunch, I stalked the performances of my fantasy players from my laptop and switching between the Giants/Dodgers and Angels/Reds games whenever one of my players would be hitting. I also mixed in some school work, grading a set of reading quizzes.

I would later bring the small Japanese table out of the computer and grade the balance of the quizzes while sitting in front of the television. Once I finished that, I stood up and said “Let’s go, Abby!” I promptly hurled myself onto the couch and Abby and I took an hour-long nap.

I have a softball game tonight at 6. Sadly, Matty will not be able to make it. It’s going to be cold tonight. I wish I had purchased that long-sleeve undershirt from Target two weeks ago. How chilly has it been today in Mauka? I’ve had a shirt on all day. I bet that must have confused the hell out of Abby.

Happy Opening Day! Mets win!


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