Finally, Mad Has Come Back to Ko’olina (and that isn’t even the part about wrestling)

We took a break from our regularly scheduled Playground Tour to hit up the beach. It was cloudy in Mililani so I threw out a weather status request on Facebook. Thanks to everyone who replied, and especially to Matt Kubota who messaged me pictures of the Kapolei sky. Clutch, key, and huge, Matt.

Someone couldn't wait for our first beach trip of the summer.

Someone couldn’t wait for our first beach trip of the summer.

I thought that getting to Ko’olina at 10 in the morning would give us plenty of time to find parking, but holy crap, was I mistaken. As I drew closer to Lagoon 4, I could already see the parking cone obstructing the entrance to the parking lot. “Just park already, dad!” Madison said from the backseat. She still does not understand Ko’olina’s draconian parking rules.

The next ten minutes played out like a stupid side quest in Knights of the Old Republic (now on the iPad!): I drove from Lagoon 4 to Lagoon 3 only to find a line of about four cars already posted at the entrance. I drove back to Lagoon 4 to see the guy let two cars in, then wave me off. I may or may have dropped an expletive. Madison may or may not have reprimanded me. I drove to Lagoon 1B (the one near the Aulani). Oddly enough, there was no line and Madison and I only waited for about 15 minutes before we were able to secure a stall. “Hurry, dad!” my co-pilot said from the front passenger seat. “Wait, he has to leave first!” “But I don’t want someone else to steal it!” Mad said. There was no one else in the lot.

Thank you, Grandma, for Madison's new favorite beach toy!

Thank you, Grandma, for Madison’s new favorite beach toy!

This is the best picture I have from this morning because my supposedly waterproof camera leaked and died. I took it to Costco and must now call their concierge service to see if I have any recourse. I can’t wait for them to ask if I took it into the water. No shit. Anyway, Madison was so excited about our first excursion to the beach that she rushed into the water without waiting for me. Not that I mind at all, it’s just unusual. She dropped underwater by herself, and much to my surprise and pleasure, allowed me to cradle her in my arms and call her my “water baby” like I did when she was too young to have a say in the matter. My back is an impressive shade of red, but on the bright side, Lynnette will be pleased to learn that Madison and I ate lunch at home and did not spend money today. Well, kind of, I guess.

"When can we buy this?"

“When can we buy this?”

"No, you have to wear the mask and hold the belt, too, dad."

“No, you have to wear the mask and hold the belt, too, dad.”

What I mean to say is that Madison and I didn’t buy lunch like we had the past two days. She was insistent on eating her chicken noodle soup which was sitting in the pantry at home. We took a little detour to Walmart to pick up a few things which I would like to file under the category of “pre-trip errands.” I know that if Lynnette reads this before she gets home, she’s horrified to think she might come home and find Madison and wearing luchador masks, boxers, and faux championship belts. Relax, Lynnette, we’ll only be cruising underwear. One out of three ain’t bad.

Anyway, I picked up a DVD for Madison to upload on the iPad. We’ll be doing some driving during our vacation, and the last thing in the world I want to deal with in addition to LA traffic is a 5-year old asking “Are we there yet?” from the back seat. Madison decided on Jake and the Never Land Pirates, which I will load onto the iPad this afternoon. Meanwhile, there will come a time when Madison and I do end up purchasing championship belts as she’s already committed to wearing matching costumes with me for this year’s Halloween celebration. I don’t know how to go about doing this, but I’d really like to take some video of Madison and I trick-or-treating, then lay some of Jim Ross’ audio on top of it. Question: Do Madison and I have to dress up as an existing or well-known tag team or can we make up our own? Follow-up Question: Regardless of the answer to the first question, are we morally obligated to make Lynnette carry around speakers to play entrance music at every house we walk up to? Follow-up-follow-up Question: Assuming the answer to the previous question is “yes,” should Madison and I go with Joe Esposito’s “You’re the Best,” John Cafferty’s “Hearts on Fire,” or Stan Bush’s “The Touch?”

I think we’re cleaning bathrooms tomorrow, but we’ll try to sneak a playground in there somewhere. See you there!


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