Just Another Mundane Monday

Chuck Klosterman wrote an essay about the heavy metal band Metallica in regards to the documentary they released in 2004 titled Some Kind of Monster. The essay itself is mostly about the relationships within the band, but the piece of the essay that I feel is relevant to me is lead guitarist’s Kirk Hammet’s explanation of why coming off a tour sucks: because now I have to take out the trash. The same is exactly true of vacation hangover. I really miss southern California, but more than that, I miss being up to something new every day.

I thought this captured the mood pretty well.

I thought this captured the mood pretty well.

Today is Lynnette’s first day back at work and the sight of her in her scrub top and jeans turned Madison into a Stage-5 Clinger or an Expert-Level Clinger or a Code Red Clinger or whatever Clinger designation you prefer. She popped off of her comforter and chased after Lynnette as she disappeared into the living room. Madison allowed Lynnette to leave without incident, outside of a few repeated requests for hugs and kisses. Then she was gone and Mad and I slogged through the dreary, wet Mililani Mauka morning.

No, this probably isn't going to be the summer during which I learn another hair trick.

No, this probably isn’t going to be the summer during which I learn another hair trick.

How does one follow Disney Land? I asked Madison what she thought she might like to do today and she replied with the predictable “Something fun!” When I inquired about what that “something” might be, I received the equally predictable list of child-friendly/parent-unfriendly locations like 808 Bounce, Chuck E. Cheese, and the “soft playground” in Windward Mall. I passed on all of her suggestions. I would have preferred to hit up the beach, but she’s still got a runny noise and the weather didn’t cooperate with the beach or our Playground Tour 2013. So what then?

A Higa Fam rite of summer: Icee in Target.

A Higa Fam rite of summer: Icee in Target.

Before we left for California, we cleaned out the fridge and wiped out our stores of perishable foods like bread. As such, we had no lunch supplies. Madison and I took care of that on a trip to Target this morning. Lynnette and I have already begun discussions about the Pinterest-inspired ways that we’d like to memorialize our trip to California. We’ve purchased a few frames and shadow boxes (I think that’s what they’re called). I suppose the next step is to select a few pictures and place them within. Since we hit up the Salt Lake Target (on the lamest Date Night ever) this past Saturday, I wanted to see what the Kapolei store had in stock in the way of frames. They had even less than Salt Lake. It was somewhat disappointing, but Madison and I did manage to agree upon string cheese, Monsters University cereal (with marshmallows!), and a few other items. Also, after Disney Land, SeaWorld, and Universal Studios, $1.99 for a medium Icee seemed insanely cheap.

I would rather not discuss how many attempts I made at taking this picture before simply giving up.

I would rather not discuss how many attempts I made at taking this picture before simply giving up.

My short-term goal for the remainder of summer is to get rid of/even out the worst sunglasses tan I have ever worn. You can kind of make it out in this picture, but it’s so bad, that even the skin on my scalp that rested under the arms of my shades are whiter than the rest of my scalp. It’s unreal. Again, though, the weather’s not helping. Long-term, I’ve got a couple of books to read and a couple of maps to plot out. I’ve very nearly completed Knights of the Old Republic as a Jedi Knight and will likely attempt to push through the game as a Sith. Probably a female. Because as we know, “always two there are: a master and an apprentice, no more, and women are evil.”

Even Abby has a vacation hangover.

Even Abby has a vacation hangover.

It’s pretty hilarious. I took a nap for about 90 minutes while Madison pretended to try to nap with her eyes open for the same amount of time. I took on Disney Land for 14 hours a turn! Without naps! I woke up this morning at 8 and I was feeling like poor Abby here right after our mac and cheese lunch. Perhaps this is the recovery period.

I think the trick to try and remove the memories of Disney Land from my head. Nothing here will be able to compete with the things we did in California, except for possibly the water park and the beach. But Madison’s nose has to stop running and the sky has to stop crying. Instead, I’m going to try to compare the remainder of my summer to not summer, otherwise known as the school year. I’d rather do just about anything than transform into Mr. Higa again.

In case you missed it, here is a little vacation bonus. She’s a competent driver on a tracked car, but Madison turns into a mini-Lynnette about a minute into the video.


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