Four Parks, Same Playground & Madison’s First Dance Class

I am thrilled to report that most of my body parts work after yesterday’s Insanity Fitness Test. My ankles really hurt this morning, but that was about it. All that Madison and I had on our agenda this morning was a trip to Costco to purchase a few things for Lynnette’s fitness shakes (the things you drink, not a medical condition). I give Lynnette credit, she’s really trying I forgot that since today is the day before a BBQ holiday, Costco would be insane. It was insane, alright, but that wasn’t even the worst part. Now, I’ve never been a Krispy Kreme guy, but our trip to California changed that. So when I saw the tables set up with the Krispy Kreme boxes on them, I zoomed in and out of cart traffic only to find that they had run out of the assorted box. “All gone this morning,” the guy working the table said. “Fifty boxes in an hour. Crazy.” If I had a shower handy, I would have gone into it so I could cry like Tobias in Arrested Development. I was that heartbroken.

She was disappointed that these curves impeded her slide down the pole.

She was disappointed that these curves impeded her slide down the pole.

Did you know that Madison's "orange dressing room" features a red windy slide? Now you do!

I’m only going to display pictures from 16 Acres

I made breakfast for us at about 9, so I knew that Madison and I wouldn’t have to each lunch until a little later in the day, probably closer to one than twelve. After I washed the dishes I figured Madison and I could continue our summer playground tour before heading down to Waipio.

Our first stop was the playground at 16 Acres in Mililani. We had been there just once before, but it rained about five minutes after we got there, so we dug out. The sun was out in full force today, however, and Madison played with a few other Asian girls who were there. Ah, Mililani. She liked the slide, but strongly disliked that her favorite playground piece – the fireman’s pole – was more of a ladder than anything else. “Look, dad, the pole doesn’t go all the way down!” she said. “That’s terrible,” I said. I think I was looking at my phone. If you’ve spent any time with me at all, you know “That’s terrible” is one of my stock responses, along with “Great,” “Awesome.” and “thatswhatshesaid.”

Mad played for twenty minutes or so before I asked if she wanted to try out another playground. She was game. She refueled with a Capri Sun on the way to Kipapa Elementary. We drove past the school and I spotted the playground. “IT’S EXACTLY THE SAME!” I shouted. “What, dad?” Madison replied. “The playground over there is the same one we just went to!” I said. “Well, we can just go there.” I refused. I checked my phone for directions to Mililani District Park. I headed over there. I pulled into the parking lot and saw the playground. IT’S EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE FIRST TWO. “That’s it,” I said. “I don’t wanna go home!” Madison shouted. “Let’s just go to CORP, already,” I said. “Yeah, yeah!” Madison said. Well guess what? The two playground sets at CORP (near the baseball fields and above it near the restroom) are exactly the same and THEY’RE EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE ONES AT 16 ACRES AND KIPAPA AND MILILANI DISTRICT PARK. Was there a BOGO sale, City and County of Honolulu? F!

Mad's professional face. Among other things, it says "stop taking pictures of me, dad."

Mad’s professional face. Among other things, it says “stop taking pictures of me, dad.”

Shaun T. made me do these yesterday and I hated them.

Shaun T. made me do these yesterday and I hated them.

Madison attended her first dance class today at Paus De Deux. I apologize for the poor quality of these photos, but I took them with my phone in bad lighting though a window.

Anyway, Lynnette and I had been talking for some time about getting Madison into some kind of sport or hobby, and now that we aren’t paying for pre-school, we can afford it. Initially, I asked Mad if she wanted to play soccer. She said she would. That was a while ago. More recently when I asked her the same question, she changed her mind. When Lynnette asked Madison if she might be interested in dance classes, Mad’s face lit up and she answered with her customary “Yeah, yeah!” Of course she did. Princess don’t play soccer. They drink tea and go to dance class. But they might mini-golf.

I peeked through a small window into the studio and saw Madison lined up with all of the other girls in her class. She and another girl were first-timers, as all of the other girls were decked out in their official dance uniforms (which I might add, will make absolutely great pieces of Madison’s wrestling costume this October). When I first got to the window, Madison turned to face me and gave me a quick thumbs-up before reverting into her professional mode once more.

It’s so bizarre.

Ever since we’ve come back from our trip, Mad’s been especially restless. Lynnette and I haven’t been able to put our collective finger on it. She doesn’t listen, she’s been sassy, and in general she’s been moody. We’ve already tried to talk to her about it, and she says she understands, but that seems to last for only so long. Based on the way that she behaved during the dance class, though, I think she’s just bored. When I ask her “Are you bored?” she replies with “What’s bored?” She doesn’t know. But I think that she’s the kind of kid who has trouble focusing when there isn’t something she’s actively participating in. In Disney Land, she listened and behaved because we told her it was critical to the success of our trip. But since we’ve come home, I think she’s just restless. I also think that she misses Lynnette while she’s at work. We spent nearly two weeks together – just the three of us – and Lynnette’s return to the office was rough on Mad. She doesn’t act out during the day, but she screams MOM! when she hears the garage door open.

But so yeah, Madison liked the dance class today. When Lynnette asked if I would be okay with it, I jokingly said “Well, it’s not baseball practice.” I knew this day (or gymnastics or something like it) would come eventually, just as I know there’s only one thing I can do about it: support her as best I can. Sigh. But now she’s going to learn to swim and dance before I do.


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