Cheaper, Better Versions of Things We Already Loved

It was a pretty full day except for that two-and-a-half hour nap smack-dab in the middle of it. “I feel like today was a very productive day,” Lynnette said. I want to agree with her, especially since I am sitting in bed with a belly full of sushi.

Mad's going to have a playmate soon! Yay!

Mad’s going to have a playmate soon! Yay!

You're damn right those are bow pom-poms.

You’re damn right those are bow pom-poms.

Our day stared with a baby shower for my cousin Tyler and his wife Kristi. I can’t remember the last time we were all together – only my cousin Andrew wasn’t here today, but he lives in the mainland. I spend most of the time around my family laughing. Case in point: we were talking about baby names. I took a sip of Coke and my mom started “You better be careful [about what you name your kid] because Philip-” I nodded because I thought she was going to talk about how Madison shares some of Matty’s traits, but she finished with “really loves horses.” I wanted to laugh, but I had the Coke in my mouth. I covered my mouth with my hands, and the Coke made the insides of my nostrils tingle. What the hell was she talking about? I don’t care about horses at all. She was just making crap up. I have always viewed my mom as an uptight antagonist. I have always known that I cannot have possibly inherited my clownishness from my dad. Can it be? Mom? She basically admitted to not knowing why she named me Philip. I lightly tapped my dad on his chest. “It’s on you for letting it happen,” I said.

For all of Madison’s life, she’s been the only baby in our family. That’s going to change very soon, and Madison is pretty excited. Aside from stealing the bows and using them as pom-poms, then doing a dance routine and leading a parade through our dining area, she drew flowers, a rainbow, and baby’s first name on a onesie. Congrats, Tyler and Kristi! We can’t wait!

Madison helps us clean by picking up random things and putting them on.

Madison helps us clean by picking up random things and putting them on.

After our aforementioned nap, we cleaned up our garage. Lynnette and I got rid of a bunch of footwear that we either no longer fit or no longer use. I had a difficult time letting go some of my oldest pair of shoes. The air bubbles burst in my pair of Air Max 1s, and as I dropped them into a trash bag, I heard four angelic voices sing “And I’ll take with me (take with me) the memories – to be my sunshine after the rai-ai-ai-iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin.” Sigh.

Lynnette was right, though, I can’t lie, we did get a lot done, mostly because I filled a bucket with water and gave Madison one of those Max Liqiuidators and told her to water the bushes and our herbs. Prior to that, she was doing things like putting on headbands, rocking 3D chalk glasses, and throwing things into a scoop net, then screaming at us to look what she caught. Every time Lynnette or I would see us put something away, Madison would see it and say “Oooh, my __________________.” She was counter productive.

"Yes, boss."

“Yes, boss.”

The napkins were 3 miles deep.

The napkins were 3 miles deep.

After cleaning the garage, everyone got cleaned up – including Abby. She did her little wind sprints around the house to dry off while we got ready to head off for dinner. Lynnette mentioned Sushi Bay, which was run by someone who had worked at Kuru Kuru. Honestly, she could have stopped at the word “sushi,” because I was already in.

Well, I never thought I’d say this, but Kuru Kuru is no longer my favorite conveyor belt sushi place. Sushi Bay is about the same in terms of quality (I don’t mean that positively or negatively, only that my tongue is not sophisticated enough to discern a significant difference), but slightly cheaper. Those massive poke bowls Kuru Kuru used to roll out? Sushi Bay’s got them. They were even kind enough to make Lynnette a ikura handroll even though it’s not on the menu. If you haven’t checked out Sushi Bay already, we highly recommend it.

Highlight of the night: we ordered Madison an udon combo. Madison at the udon, Lynnette ate the tofu, I ate the spicy ahi bowl. Halfway through our meal, Lynnette said “Oh, they have chawan mushi on the menu!” “Oh!” Madison said. A few minutes later when I put in an order, the server said “Is that it?” I hesitated with the infamous drive-thru “Uuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…” and Madison – without looking up from her bowl of udon – said in a deathly serious voice, “Order the chawan mushi.” The server started laughing. “Sorry, ah, boss!” I said. Madison just flashed a smile.

Madison ended the night by getting ice cream in her hair. We drove across the street to Burger King to try their $.75 ice cream cone, which Lynnette advertized as “cheaper than McDonald’s!” That’s top-notch research. To our surprise, the Burger King ice cream is closer to ice milk in its consistency. I like it! Nothing against McDonald’s soft-serve, but Burger King version was a refreshing change.

It’s drizzling outside and we have no idea what we’re doing tomorrow. But I’ll let you know.


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