The Last Goonie Weekend of Summer 2013

I have a full week of classes coming up. This was the last worry-free week until maybe fall break. It wasn’t a sexy final weekend, but here it is anyway:

This NEVER happens!

This NEVER happens!

Now Lynnette, her mother, and Madison all have the same haircut.

Now Lynnette, her mother, and Madison all have the same haircut.

Madison has a great memory and sometimes what happens is she recalls something and is unable to let it go. “Can we go to the cooking Gyu-Kaku?” she asked. She needs to use the adjective “cooking” because she can’t pronounce Gyu-Kaku or Gyotaku with any discernible distinction. She prefers the yakiniku. That’s not really a big deal except that the cooking Gyu-Kaku is in Windward Mall. Well, Lynnette drove and I sat in the middle row of the Highlander with Madison and both of us passed out once we hit H3. It’s such a big car. There’s so much room, it doesn’t feel like a car; it feels like flying.

I was so happy at dinner because of bottomless Coca-Cola and lots of red meat, but also because Madison sat with me! This never happens! She prefers to sit with Lynnette while Lynnette says “Here” holding her purse out in my direction so I can place it in the unoccupied seat next to me. Not last night. Madison and I sat together and cooked. I suppose Mad might have been right when she argued that “we haven’t been there [cooking Gyu-Kaku] in a long time,” because last night she was actually able to place food on the grill without panicking and dropping it haphazardly.

Lynnette got a haircut yesterday, completing the trifecta. She joined her mother and her daughter with short haircuts. I don’t know how I feel about it. I’ve always liked Lynnette with really short hair or really long hair. I’m blah on the in-between. Then again, the last time she wore really short hair was when she used to wear shorts with waistbands that would be snug around my head. “I’ve given birth to a child,” she says. Fair enough.

One minute during a pool break feels like 3 regular human minutes.

One minute during a pool break feels like 3 regular human minutes.

"I can thee now, dad!"

“It’s so clear, dad!”

I don’t want to make it sound like Lynnette and I are pushovers as parents because we aren’t. Yes, Madison has been clamoring for goggles, and yes, she did get her goggles today, but only because we stumbled across them and they were on sale. Madison started asking for goggles about a week ago after seeing kids at the pool rocking them. “I think I need water glasses,” she said. “Water glasses?” I asked. “The kind the other kids at the pool have. It’s for my eyes.” “Goggles?” I asked. “Yeah, yeah,” she said. She finally got a pair this morning and got to test them out this afternoon. After an awesome lunch from Mamaya at my parents’ house, we headed home and changed for the pool. It was only a pre-season game so I wasn’t morally obligated to stay home and watch the Cowboys in the Hall of Fame Game.

Madison jumped into the pool and when she emerged for the first time, she was so giddy she couldn’t stop giggling. “I can see through the bubbles now!” she said. I laughed because the suction on the goggles distorted her eyes. They made the area around them appear swollen. The eyes themselves seemed like little slits. “Can you see?” I asked. “Yeah, yeah!” she said. In time, Lynnette and I ordered Madison to take the goggles off because we didn’t want her face to get swollen. “I don’t want to!” Madison objected. “Take them off or we’re going home,” Lynnette said. The goggles came off, but the protest continued. “I can’t see a thing,” she said after her first trip underwater without the goggles. She also noted that she needed the goggles because she might bump into something while she was swimming, despite never having bumped into anything during any of our trips to the pool. I appreciated the logic in the attempt, though.

1998. RH was the first to leave.

1998. RH was the first to leave.

I have three different computers in my home, all in various states of use and usefulness. I spent this weekend doing something I had never done before: consolidating all of the information – primarily pictures – into one place.

It took a really long time, but that was mostly just waiting for data transfer. There are to levels of good news:

1. I have everything organized in two places to protect against bad luck.

2. I am now prepared for the next 100 or so Throwback Thursdays with pictures just like this.

Awesome x2.

As for your questions:

Of course Chad wore a cap, he’s a ball player. Yeah, I used to think Brad only smiled like that, too. Yes, that’s a skinny me. RH was headed to the Naval Academy. Yes, that’s Matty in the orange wearing the anti-College Matty hair cut. Yes, that’s Geno with the blond; I agree, he should bring it back. You’re right, “Wonny” is probably an inappropriate name for someone so svelte. I told you Brett has always been gangster. It is highly likely that we all rode to the airport in Cruza’s truck. And as was always the case, the lone female in the shot is IMOP’s only female and its only surgeon.

Sigh. Got to get up in a few hours.


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