Non-Starving Artists

I’ve got what’s left of my first loaf of Molokai hot bread warming in the toaster. It’s hard to complain about a three-day weekend and this little treat makes it nearly impossible. Wait. The toaster just dinged. Well, now I’ve got to wait for it to cool, so I might as well be productive.

I have no idea how she's capable of enjoying these things after experiencing Disney Land.

I have no idea how she’s capable of enjoying these things after experiencing Disney Land.

Lynnette Higa, mouth model.

Lynnette Higa, mouth model.

I know it doesn't look like a compromise at all, but that's only because you didn't see the other options.

I know it doesn’t look like a compromise at all, but that’s only because you didn’t see the other options.

We went to the Pineapple Festival at Wahiawa District Park yesterday afternoon following a morning of laundry. Since we spent our Friday looking at things made in Hawaii and our Friday night with friends and family, Saturday was designated as the day for chores. Lynnette went to LCC for the new Farmers’ Market to find out the new Farmers’ Market is on Sunday. It wasn’t a total waste since she did fill gas and pick up a few things at Costco on her way back up to Mililani. That left Madison and I at home. I did laundry while Madison played some kind of educational game on the iPad.

The actual Festival itself was perfect. It was sunny buy breezy, by no means intolerable like it would have been if it had been held in Kapolani Park. There was a lot of space for a few vendors, so the walkways weren’t crowded at all. Perhaps they could have had more tents with tables and chairs for eating, but that was about the only gripe I had with the thing. We stayed there for around two hours, and most of that was so Madison could get her $10 wristband’s money’s worth in bouncers and rides. I suppose only a kid could still find those attractions fun after visiting Disney Land. I guess from a kid’s point of view, it’s not like we have a playground in the backyard. Besides, considering the fact that Dong Yang and Aloha Pops had tents, Lynnette and I might have had more fun than Madison.

Depending on who you ask, the highlight of the day came at Bath and Body Works. I forgot my Scent Portable holder in Mr. 8 and have been meaning to pick up another to replace it. I finally made it to the store yesterday and made the mistake of bringing Madison with me. I knew that there would be limited options, but I expected to see at least two unisex – if not masculine – freshener holders. I was mistaken. I basically had to choose the least feminine. Madison, though, had other ideas. She pushed hard for a green flower. It was not a gender-neutral flower. I vetoed it. Madison then pointed out a purple one with a shiny purple bow on it. “But I’m a boy, Madison, those are for girls,” I pleaded. This worked a smile from a woman nearby. “But boys wear bows around their necks!” she countered. Quickly, dad! “But that’s not the kind of tie I have to wear for work,” I said. Nice, dad. Finally, I talked her down to a ladybug with a bejewled broach. Hyper-masculine. I was already trying to justify it on my way to the register. “The car is blue,” I thought.

Was I wrong to hope for a male-ish holder? Is fragrancing a car a typically female venture? Now that I no longer smoke regularly, the car doesn’t have a dominant smell unless you count very used car smell. Why can’t Bath and Body Works design a few obviously male holders like a beer mug (I wouldn’t get that one), baseball (all over it), or dragon (possible)?

She's not bad, but she insists on putting a face on everything, followed immediately by a heart.

She’s not bad, but she insists on putting a face on everything, followed immediately by a heart.

Shimazu for the walk-off win!

This photo does no justice to the extent to which Madison’s hair was matted to her face.

Lynnette did her homework for this weekend and found another free activity going down at the Honolulu Museum of Art today. While we ate brunch at Mei Sum, I saw that my friend Jay had posted a picture on Instagram of his daughter at the museum. I was stoked. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Jay and his family. They just welcomed daughter number two into the world, so it was great to see them.

The three of us tore through the art activities (I posted the pictures to my Facebook page) which were more enjoyable this time around – our second – because Madison’s skill and attention span have both increased dramatically. If you want my opinion, the displays are great. The exhibit they have now featuring samurai weapons and armor is awesome. Perhaps, though, the best combination of features at the Honolulu Museum of Art is its various spots for taking photographs and its many air conditioned rooms. The three of us wandered through hallways taking pictures and stopping for activities, and whenever it got a little too hot, we dove inside to check out paintings, sculptures, and the like. I was never big on museums until our honeymoon in 2006 when we visited the Museum of Natural History in Manhattan. Since then, I’ve tried to be more open-minded about historical sites and museums.

Make no mistake; it was a super-hot day today. It was the kind of day where it’s hot and muggy in the shade. As we headed back home on Beretania, I suggested the Shimazu Store. “Don’t they only take cash?” Lynnette said. It was deflating. “Wait!” I said while Lynnette got on the freeway near Punchbowl. “I think I have cash from last night!”

Aside: We went to dinner with my parents last night. We ate at Jackie’s Diner in Waimalu. First time, won’t be the last. Their treat, and we bought the dessert at Ice Fru inside Palama Market. This required me to walk all the way down to Zippy’s in hopes of a Bank of Hawaii ATM. Nope, First Hawaiian Bank. I ate the $2.75 service fee and walked back to Ice Fru. On the way, I looked into every restaurant I walked past. They were all busy. MAKE MORE PARKING, WAIMALU SHOPPING CENTER!

I did have cash from last night and we did end up at Shimazu. The shave ice did its job and lowered my body temperature. Thank God. I swear by the bananas foster and strawberry cream. But you know my two girls: something, something, li hing mui.


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