Super Girl has a Runny Nose

Our Free Weekend Activity database pointed us toward Windward Mall yesterday, and I am sorry, I have simply come up with things to say about Madison narrowly avoiding other children as she jumps from the top of the soft playground. Madison made a kaleidoscope which was pretty cool, but she promptly lost it. Update: We just found the kaleidoscope. Having a child is ridiculous. Speaking of which, congrats to my friends Mariel and Kyle on the birth of their son Micah as well as my cousin Tyler and his wife Kristi on the birth of their daughter Hayli. These bundles of joy are firsts for both families. Yay!


Li hing lemonade. It was only a matter of time, I suppose.


Super Girl made an appearance…


…but quickly ran into dirt, her personal kryptonite.

To Lynnette’s chagrin, the LCC Farmers’ Market is nowhere near as involved as the KCC version. If the KCC Farmers’ Market is the Rose Bowl, the LCC Farmers’ Market is the San Diego Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl. It’s just starting out, of course, so we’re still hoping that more vendors will join at time goes on. I don’t know what Lynnette’s fascination with farmers’ markets is, they’ve got more or less the same stuff as grocery stores, and GROCERY STORES HAVE AIR CONDITIONING. Note: Lynnette took umbrage with the fact that the original version of this entry failed mention her desire to purchase fresh produce from local businesses as her chief fascination with Farmers’ Markets. “I know!” I said. “They why didn’t you put that?” Lynnette shouted. “Because it’s funnier that way!” I said. “You see?” she said, hopelessly. “This is what I’m talking about! This… this is slander!” she finished. “Actually, slander is spoken, it’s libel,” I said. She might be upset right now. I realize that this counts as breaking the fourth wall, and maybe I am forfeiting some artistic integrity, but I want to cuddle her so hard tonight, so I feel as if I need to pick my battles and hence I want to mention that Lynnette is not, I repeat, IS NOT a caricature. She is a real, beautiful, intelligent woman who is fond of fresh produce and walking in the sun.

We did find li hing mui lemonade, which I had never seen before. That, of course, made me incredulous. How had I not seen something like that before? I took a few sips, but it was too li hing for me. I would have preferred the standard lemonade. Madison and Lynnette had no problems with it, though.

Super Girl showed up today, running and jumping all over the place. Except where there was dirt. As everyone knows, dirt, mud, and other sullying things of that ilk are the kryptonite of our Super Girl. It was pretty hilarious to see Mad bounding down the sidewalk, then stop dead in her tracks when the walkway ended and turned into dirt. It was like watching her instead of Frank Whaley and Burt Lancaster as Moonlight Graham in Field of Dreams. She got to the dirt and hesitated as if it would do irreparable damage if her sandals and/or feet made contact with the unsightly stuff. “C’mon, Madison,” Lynnette said. Madison growled a little, then lightly stepped on the powdery dirt.

As we were leaving, Lynnette decided that she needed more li hing mui pineapple popcorn from Primo Popcorn. She headed back into the market and left Madison Super Girl and I a little time to take some pictures of her super hero awesomeness. Truth be told, Super Girl isn’t feeling too great. Her nose started running in earnest this morning and hasn’t stopped all day. Of this development, Lynnette dryly said, “Well, it’s officially the beginning of the school year.” We had actually planned to visit the newest addition to the Higa Fam this afternoon, but Madison’s cold changed that. “I wanna see the baby!” Madison protested between sniffles. As parents, we weren’t going to bring a sick kid around a newborn, so sadly we’ll have to wait until Mad’s feeling better. Don’t grow up yet, Hayli! We’re coming!


Lunch at 99 Ranch: something I won’t be doing again for a while.


Well, it’s a work in progress.

Perhaps inspired by our purchase of the Highlander, Lynnette’s parents called us in the morning and said they were thinking about looking at a new car. They asked if we wanted to tag along to Servco and Tony Honda. Since Madison’s nose had ruined our plans of baby visiting and going to the pool in the afternoon, we jumped in on the car search.

Lynnette and her parents test drove the Rav 4 at Toyota while Madison played in the children’s area of the showroom and I sat on a couch watching the Texans play the Saints. Pre-season football: it’s better than regular season baseball when your team is 19 games out of first place. After that, we headed back toward Mililani and stopped off at Tony Honda.

While the children’s area at Tony Honda was smaller than the one at Toyota, they did have a plastic mini-basketball. And it was here, of all places, where I was finally able to teach Madison the key to catching a ball.

“Keep your eyeball on the ball,” I said. I tossed a few balls above head level and she was able to catch them. “Good!” I said. I started bouncing the ball. I guess Madison can’t simply move her eyes in their sockets because she kept her eyeballs on the ball by moving her entire head up and down in time with the ball. Horrible. But she caught it! I guess Madison felt pretty confident about the whole catching thing because she started tossing the ball up to herself. She caught most of them, but I guess she’s hasn’t perfected it. She got excited and continued tossing the ball higher and higher. This particular toss bounced off her forehead and fell onto the chair next to her. My immediate reaction was to make a snide comment, but then I remembered that in addition to spelling and intelligent Asian women, fly balls are my personal kryptonite, too.


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