Another Long Drive in the Name of Adventure

I woke up a little stiff this morning after a night out with my buddies from LMU. My tongue was also very dry. I filled a glass with Gatorade and watched the team that drink is named after crap the bed against Miami. Theoretically, it must be a horrible feeling to know your parlay is dead by 9:30 Saturday morning. Smashing.

Absolutely no complaints about breakfast.

Absolutely no complaints about breakfast.

Lynnette suggested a trip around-ish the island. It was pouring in Mililani before we left the house. “Why do you you ask your friends on Facebook what the weather looks like?” Lynnette said mockingly as the rain fell. I did. Enough people said that town and beyond was clear enough for us to take a chance. Thank you to those people who always take the time to respond to my weekly questions about the weather. I can’t help it; it rains in Mililani all the time.

Our first stop was the KCC Farmers’ Market for breakfast. Madison and I usually eat breakfast before leaving the house on the weekend, but we did not today. By the time we reached KCC, we were starving. Lynnette had a green papaya salad and corn on the cob that she split with Madison. I had some poke and a french toast plate that I split with Madison. All three of us were completely satisfied by breakfast. “We’re eating like a royal family,” Madison said. She explained it was something about how we were all sitting down on a mat together. Since we were eating with plastic cutlery while sitting on grass, I rather thought we were doing the polar opposite, but I let the Goob have that.

Lanai's back there somewhere.

Lanai’s back there somewhere.

We made a few stops at scenic points along the road, the first of which was the Lanai lookout. There were a lot of clouds in the sky this morning, and Lynnette held Madison tightly in her arms. “You see all the way out there?” Lynnette asked. “Yeah,” Madison said. “If you look aaalll the way out there, you can see the outline of Lanai,” Lynnette said. Madison squinted. “Do you see it?” Lynnette asked. “Yeah,” Madison said. We’ll never know if Madison really saw it, but we’ll have to take her word for it.

Madison and I hopped over the rock wall and did a little cautious exploring. The wind whipped through Madison’s hair and the stronger gusts nudged her enough to frighten her. “Hold me, dad!” Madison shouted as I tried to take this picture. “Don’t worry, the wind can’t-” and before I finished my sentence, the wind kicked up and blew some dust up into her eyes. So ended our photo shoot. Nature is beautiful and wonderful – when it cooperates.



After stops at the blowhole lookout and Sandy Beach for a bathroom break, we found a nice little spot in Waimanalo. We had never been there before; Lynnette found directions for it online. It remote, uncrowded, and gorgeous but we could see the sign from a long way off. “Don’t be man-o’-war,” Lynnette said as she approached it. “Ahh, it’s man-o’-war!” she when she got close enough to see the sign advertising mutant sperm attacking innocent swimmers.

“Let’s just stay here!” Madison said. She was ready for the beach. “There’s other people in the water.” We were actually going to chance it until Lynnette found two of the little stingers drifting back and forth on the shore. Madison got close enough to see the blue tentacles. “Are those jellyfish?” she asked. “Yes,” I said. She picked up a clump of sand and threw it in the direction of the bubble with blue legs. “Well, now you’ve got to wash your hands,” I said. “No!” she screamed. It was a chore to get her to the water, promise her I didn’t see any man-of-wars (men-of-war?), and get her to actually rinse her hands. When the water come close enough to touch, Madison bent over, dipped her hands, then pulled a 180 and sprinted towards the dry sand. So much for “Let’s just stay here!” Too bad. I’ve been waiting all my life to pee on somebody.

Bringing the lessons from the pool to the ocean.

Bringing the lessons from the pool to the ocean.

Look, we really, really tried to visit a new beach, but as you can see, nature conspired against us all day. Having been defeated soundly in Waimanalo, we retreated to our comfort zone at Kailua Beach. For reasons neither Lynnette nor I can fully explain, we didn’t pack any of Madison’s beach toys (including her goggles), even though we knew from the start we’d be going to the beach. We were all wearing swimwear when we left the house. I put lotion on Madison. I don’t know what happened.

It didn’t matter. Madison was so happy just to be in the water again after nearly three weeks of runny nose that she didn’t care about the lack of toys. She spent most of her time jumping over the incoming waves, but she did show off some of her pool tricks. She swam between Lynnette and I several times. Just like when we visit the pool, I lift my leg until my thigh is parallel to the ground, and Madison uses it as a perch/diving board. I took this picture a few moments after she jumped off my leg.

Love, love, love.

Love, love, love.

“I had fun today,” Madison said on our way to Island Snow. “We should do this day over again,” she continued. “I know why you liked today,” I said. “Why?” she asked. “Because it reminded you of summer,” I said. “Yeah,” she said wistfully. Madison and I passed out on the way home. I don’t remember passing through the tunnel at H3, even though I remember being wide awake coming through the mini-one. Lynnette fell asleep on the couch to the sounds of Notre Dame vs. Michigan.

I’ve been busy with school work. If you ask Madison, she’ll tell you that her school days are too long. The start of the school year is always a tumultuous time for Lynnette. Today was a welcomed and needed break from all of that. Thanks, Nature, for finally deciding to work with us.


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