Lynnette Gets My MVP Vote

I have a full belly and America’s Team is atop the NFC East. That’s a pretty solid end to the weekend.

Setting up the snake.

Setting up the snake.

Even though my mom went out for lunch, Madison, Lynnette, and I still headed over to my parents’ house. Madison found  some leftover ribbon that my mother keeps around just for her. My mother – like my wife – finds it very difficult to throw things away. As long as my mother can imagine a purpose – no matter how unlikely or impractical – she will keep the item in question.

I suppose Madison is happy that she didn’t throw the ribbon away because she roped my dad in for a few games. First, she tried to explain to him the rules of the game Limbo. My father wisely declined participation as the attempt – nevermind success or failure – would likely have killed him. Perhaps seeing the problem, Madison quickly switched to a less stressful game. Something about snakes. All my dad had to do was wiggle the ribbon so Mad could jump over it. Madison would later repay my dad by helping him wipe up the floor after lunch.

My wife is amazing even if she lives to tear down my idols.

My wife is amazing even if she lives to tear down my idols.

Fox had the Green Bay at San Francisco game in the afternoon. Troy Aikman and Joe Buck appeared on the screen. I made my loud proclamation of affection for Troy, as per the usual. I began to say “Even if you aren’t a great commentator because-” and Lynnette cut me off by saying “too many concussions.” I was shocked. Scale-wise, if the length of a standard 12-inch ruler is the measure of Lynnette’s medical knowledge, then her sports knowledge spans the space from the very edge of the ruler to the first black notch. In other words, it is so negligible that it doesn’t even count. When she made such a hurtful remark about Troy, three-time Super Bowl Champion and worthy wearer of the number 8, my mouth dropped. “Take it back,” I said. She shook her head. She doesn’t shit-talk me much, but when she does, she cuts so, so deep.

I know she was just playing around, and she would later show why she’s such an amazing woman. She and Madison dropped me off at home just before the Giants at Cowboys game kicked off, then went grocery shopping and errand running. Abby and I cranked up the AC and cruised couch. I managed to vacuum the living room during Dallas’ defensive series. I didn’t want to be completely useless.

Since Romo uttered more than three coherent thoughts, he's way ahead of Marshall Mathers

Since Romo uttered more than three coherent thoughts, he’s way ahead of Marshall Mathers

While the Cowboys beat the Giants (ending the Giant’s 4-game winning streak in Dallas) and currently rest alone atop the National Football Conference’s East Division, I was the big winner tonight.

Lynnette and Madison arrived home early in the second half. Lynnette and Madison then went to work on planting the new herbs in the one planter allowable by our homeowner’s association’s by-laws. They did a great job.

Then, they came upstairs and Lynnette started making dinner. My stomach is full of creamy orzo with tomatoes and peas and pan-fried chicken breast. It was delicious and we even got Madison to eat a pea! That’s right up there with the Dallas defense actually forcing turnovers on today’s “Pleasant Surprises” list. That list was topped off by Lynnette moving on to wash the dishes while I enjoyed the post-game show and posting taunts on Facebook.

Sean Lee and Tony Romo may have received the game balls, but Lynnette was my MVP today. Thanks, Love.

Go Cowboys!


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