Rogue Waves!

This is simply one of those weeks.

I do this to myself.

I do this to myself.

There are three weeks between now and the end of the quarter and I’ve probably screwed myself pretty hard. I have stacks of paper that are at least as high as the stacks of shoe boxes that used to populate my garage. Except I can’t wear essays. And they aren’t cool. At all. I’ve painted myself into staying at work late for three days this week. That means there will be the unintended consequence of eating fast food three times this week, which I kind of love, but also kind of hate. For those of you scoring at home, that means a taco party, a burger party, and an as yet undecided party of some kind. I’ll do jumping jacks whenever I feel my blood flow slow.

C'mon, it was Andy Reid.

An Andy Reid tsunami in a sea of red.

The Cowboys lost to the Chiefs yesterday, but I don’t think I’ll have to endure the usual level of shit-talk because everyone’s favorite team the 49ers got their collective ass handed to them by the Seahawks. I love it. I have to admit to being somewhat upset that I didn’t receive my weekly “Quest for Six” update via my Facebook feed last night. Sad face. I don’t want to dwell on the disappointment of others, however. The Cowboys lost a very winnable game yesterday because their offense isn’t dynamic at all. They have no running game to speak of. The play calling is pretty pedestrian. My hope was that the offense would be more explosive with someone else other than Garrett calling the plays, but it seems like the game plan is still built around controlling the clock and trying to mitigate mistakes. The silver lining is that everyone else in the division lost yesterday.

Worst of all, I owe my friend Brent a 20-piece Chicken McNugget meal. I will have to endure his special brand of trash talk which involves, but is not limited to: asking rhetorical questions he already knows the answers to, dropping his voice to that gruff inflection that oozes sarcasm, and constant allusions to the Chiefs’ victory – even if it doesn’t really apply.

Sunday night awesome.

Sunday night awesome.

We closed out the weekend by watching Star Trek: Into Darkness last night. I had to fill the void created by the lack of 49er posts somehow. Star Trek: Into Darkness was a good action movie, but since I have zero knowledge of the Star Trek universe, it’s kind of like watching a generic action movie with aliens and hot women with tails who are down for whatever.

Incredibly, the movie held Lynnette’s attention for its entire duration. “I like Spock,” she said. That was her review of the entire film. I was somewhat disappointed that the film featured only Kirk, Spock, and Khan so prominently, as opposed to the first film which provided a little more balance in terms of screen time. It’s probably that I just don’t get Star Trek.

I suppose I will have to talk with my friend Brent, who – coincidentally – was the inspiration for Khan, over 20-piece Chicken McNugget meals.


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