A Dream Come True: Madison Selects a non-pink Dress!

All things considered, yesterday was a strong Sunday. While it lacked a big ticket event like a beach trip or shopping bonanza, there were key elements which contributed to making Monday’s Eve ultimately enjoyable.

Is that what a running game looks like?

Is that what a running game looks like?

1. The Cowboys win! Unlike last week when Fox aired the horrific Green Bay vs. Washington game, the network was intelligent enough to understand that the Cowboys are America’s team and they should just go ahead and put them on every week already. Since our Friday and Saturday had been filled with Damien-related things, I woke Sunday morning with the purpose of doing laundry. Laundry is never fun, but made tolerable when your favorite team is running roughshod over another.

The Cowboys win against the hapless Rams leaves them alone atop the NFC East at 2-1. All the other teams in the division suffered losses this week which means I am obligated to mention these facts preceding each of my lectures today. In particular, I was startled by the ferocity of the Dallas defense. I don’t know what happened during this week, but someone lit a fire under their collective asses. It could not have been fun to be a Rams skill player yesterday.

Next week, the Cowboys play in San Diego against Tony Romo’s doppelganger, Phil Rivers. Should be a needlessly exciting and excruciating game.

Upset City!

Upset City!

Madison picks a non-pink dress! The Panthers routing the Giants wasn’t the biggest upset of the day. No, that honor went to Madison’s selection of an Aloha-print dress that did not feature a single shred of pink. It’s Aloha Week at Madison’s school, and she was without a dress. This picture is just one of the several I took as Madison tried on numerous dresses and put on an impromptu fashion show for us. She’s got a long way to go before she gets on Derek Zoolander’s level.

As she and Lynnette looked over the dresses on the rack, I begged. “Can you please buy a dress that’s not pink, Mad?” I implored. “But I like pink,” she said. You’ll be proud to know that I did not say “No shit.” Loud enough for anyone to hear me, anyway. “How about you try on all of these dresses (5/6 of which featured some shade of pink), then daddy will pick his favorite,” Lynnette said. “Can he pick a pink one?” Madison asked. To my amazement, Madison and I agreed  on this dress. “I love it!” she said, twirling in place. So do I.

3-D and 2-D Madisons.

3-D and 2-D Madisons.

Madison’s dance costume has arrived! Madison’s first dance performance is this Friday night. I don’t know how to feel. I mean that in the most literal sense: this is something that I have never experienced before and therefore, I have no expectations.

Lynnette made me hop out of the car to pick up Mad’s costume at the dance studio. I returned the car and handed the packet over to her. “This isn’t it,” she said. “What?” I said. “There should be leggings and makeup, too.” I walked back into the studio. This never would have happened if it was baseball equipment. I know exactly what that’s supposed to look like.

When we got home, Lynnette made Madison try on her dress to make sure it fit. Madison’s dress reminded me of that one female character in Pokemon. The nurse? I don’t know. Madison got a real kick out of it, as you can probably imagine. “Okay, I’m going to play your song. Let’s have a practice,” Lynnette said. “This is the equivalent of me telling my hypothetical son that we’re taking extra grounders,” I said. Lynnette did not acknowledge me, likely because she had no idea what the hell I was talking about.

The music started. Madison didn’t move. “I don’t renember,” she said. “I’m kind of scared,” she continued. We’ll see how those nerves play out on Friday night.


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