Too Late for Cronuts, Just in Time For Playtime

Usually, when your day begins with abject failure and your planned outdoor activities are put in doubt by intermittent rain, you’ve got a pretty lackluster Saturday. It can be difficult, but Lynnette and I hold our weekends so dear that we refuse to allow such things to ruin us. Even when the source of the sabotage is internal, such as a 5-year old rolling around in bed whining about how long its been since she’s been to 808 Bounce and please can we go.

A half-way decent consolation according to Madison.

A half-way decent consolation according to Madison.

All the pageantry and emotion of Friday night hit Lynnette and Madison hard. By the time they emerged from the bedroom Saturday morning, it was 9:30 and the final load of laundry was already in the washer. Lynnette must have hit REM sleep hard and had a dream about snacks. This isn’t unusual; Lynnette thinks about snacks with the same frequency as those scientists claim men think about sex. She awoke speaking of a desire for cronuts. I expressed my doubts on account of it was already 9:30.

We arrived at Saint Germain’s bakery near lunch time and they were sold out of cronuts. The countenance of the girl behind the counter flashed contempt when I asked her if they still had any cronuts. Lynnette’s face displayed disappointment. Madison? She went into opportunist mode. “I didn’t eat breakfast, can we just get something here?” she asked. She had, of course, already seen the cinnamon roll. Mission: Cronuts is on for next weekend.

Hopefully we've discovered the locations of enough swing sets so Madison can give up her pipe dream of having one installed in my parents' backyard.

Hopefully we’ve discovered the locations of enough swing sets so Madison can give up her pipe dream of having one installed in my parents’ backyard.

After errands at Kahala Mall, we headed into Kaimuku to add another entry to our 2013 Playground Tour. We had seen the playground at Kaimuki District Park a few weeks ago when we went to lunch at Happy Day. Madison and I made a mental note to return, and it was offered in lieu of 808 Bounce. The swing set drew Madison’s attention.

The first time Madison rode a swing, she only wanted to move at 2 miles-per-hour and if anyone threatened to push her, she screamed. She’s obviously better about it now, perhaps the rides at Disney Land have helped. Lynnette and I took turns pushing her. She called the swing her hang glider. She terrified me by jerking her head back suddenly. I thought she was going to fall out completely. Madison has notoriously sweaty hands. Between that and the way she randomly takes her hand off the chain to scratch her nose, I am afraid she’ll lose her grip and go flying out of the swing.

A great playground two minutes away from my parents' house!

A great playground two minutes away from my parents’ house!

As you know, it can be difficult to discern the features of a play set from a distance. If, however, you see the colors blue, green, and orange, there is a very high likelihood that you’re looking at the most abundant playground set on the island. Madison and I try to avoid it like the plague. A few weeks ago while I was driving home in traffic, I spotted the top of a different set at Pearlridge Elementary. I saw yellow and green, and thought we’d likely visit it on a Sunday, seeing how it was so close to my parents’ house.

Madison let it be known that she was thirsty as we headed west from Kaimuki. I planned to hit up 7-11 at Westridge, then drive right up the road to Pearlridge Elementary. It’s a very good playground. There’s a little musical play set for younger children. There’s a wall for rock climbing and chain climbing. There’s a traditional area with monkey bars and several slides. The only problem was that water had pooled at the bottoms of the slides because of the rain. We got lucky: it drizzled sporadically, but did not start pouring until we were on our way back to Mililani. “Play, play, play!” Lynnette shouted the first time the drops fell. Madison took off. Lynnette was right; it would have been a shame if we discovered the playground only to have the weather ruin it.

Madison accurately predicted the end of the Lane Kiffin era hours before it actually happened.

Madison accurately predicted the end of the Lane Kiffin era hours before it actually happened.

It was a fine addition to the Playground Tour. I like fooling around with the camera and trying to take decent pictures. Once a week or so, I have some of my students try to teach me how to use the camera beyond the sports setting. Madison isn’t invested in the photography, but she really does enjoy the build up that comes along with our safaris. I personally love the moment when she sees the playground before we’ve parked and she’s so excited that she has to point out the obvious, “The playground, dad!” If we’re lucky, we can park quickly and get to playing. Sometimes, finding a stall takes a little longer than Madison can handle and she backseat parks, telling me to just hurry up and park already, oblivious to laws about fire hydrants. Madison and I have a fall break coming up. The Playground Tour 2013 rolls on!


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