Fall Break 2013: Tuesday

We started the day in the worst possible way for Madsion: early. As soon as I saw her eyes crack open a little, I stressed the importance of our morning’s first activity. “Mad! You have to get up! Abby has a doctor’s appointment!” Madison’s response was far less energetic. She gave a nod in the affirmative and that was about it. There is something endearing, however, about watching your daughter spill herself out of bed with her eyes closed.

Trying to be brave for each other.

Trying to be brave for each other.

Abby was all nerves when I placed her on the table for her check-up. “It’s okay, Abby. I’m right here,” Madison said. Abby’s trembling was apparent even under her unkempt fur. Abby was given a clean bill of health and her doctor even managed to clip the ends of her claws, which is amazing considering Abby fights this harder than America fought the metric system.

This picture is cute and all, but it’s not the best picture I could have taken today. I just wasn’t ready for the moment. Almost as soon as I placed Abby on the table, the vet broke out the thermometer and took Abby’s temperature the hard way. Madison saw the whole thing her face was a combination of pure shock and unadulterated terror. The vet saw it and started rolling. I assume this is the same face my mother-in-law saw on me when she walked into the delivery room on the day Madison was born.

Throw it back to summer!

Throw it back to summer!

Mad and I spent the hours between Abby’s appointment and noon cleaning the house. I tidied up both the living room and our bedroom. Madison contributed mightily by tossing all of her belongings into her her basket, dragging it into her room, then putting all of them away. She finished long before I did and spent that free time watching Disney Junior. The pool near our home doesn’t open for free swim until noon, and right when the sun hit its peak, it started to drizzle. “I don’t see any rain,” Madison said. “Close your eyes,” I said. “Do you hear it?” “Oh, yeah,” she said. We sat in the living room in sadness as light rain fell outside.

“What are we gonna do, dad?” Madison whined. “I’m sooooooooo hot!” It was pretty muggy. She wasn’t making that up. I looked at the gray sky framing the mountains. “Do you want to just go to the pool anyway?” I asked. It may as well have been rhetorical. Madison would have sworn off chocolate (for a day) for a chance to recapture a piece of summer.

Doing work.

Doing work.

We stayed at the pool for about 40 minutes. We ate lunch when we got home and since I put on the MLB playoffs, Madison decided to put a little extra academic work in. I try not to bother her whenever she independently decides to open her workbooks, it’s a rare thing.

When I pick her up on Monday afternoons, Mad’s backpack is filled with folders containing homework by subject. I am under orders from mein fuhrer Lynnette to begin Madison’s homework immediately upon arriving home. Madison’s histrionics are amazing. She flails about like a fish on a piping hot fry pan, except unlike a fish, she can speak and she says things like “Hawwwwww! HOMEWORK IS BORING!” I sit there and encourage her as best I can while trying to track Monday Night Football.

Right now, the Goob’s in the same spot in the living room. She’s got her pencil box out and she’s started coloring. If it ain’t broke, don’t call it by name and tell it it’s time to shower.


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