Fall Break 2013: Friday

Madison and I have spent all week together. As great as that’s been, though, things are always better when Lynnette is with us, too. No, it’s hard for me to believe, too. But that’s what family is? A team that isn’t its best when it’s a member down?

Madison is supremely easy to shop for.

Madison is supremely easy to shop for.

Lynnette took the day off because she had a doctor’s appointment to attend. It felt like a Saturday all day and that is a wonderful thing. Still, to commemorate the fact that it was actually Friday, Madison requested the Cure’s “Friday, I’m in Love” on the way out to breakfast. I am not a complete failure as a father.

Lynnette suggested Sweet E’s Cafe on Kapahulu. Whenever Lynnette decides that she wants to eat at some place specific, she’ll Yelp it, then show me the pictures posted there. She knows that pictures of food turn me on, and I will say yes to just about anything. I am afraid that she’ll pull a fa(s)t one on me one day and say “Can I get these new Tory Burch flats?” while showing me a picture of hamachi nigiri.
We got extremely lucky because we only had to wait for ten minutes and we juuuust beat a huge rush. Sweet E’s was delicious. All three of us were pleased with our choices; Lynnette had a croissant breakfast sandwich, Madison had french toast with fruit, and I had a breakfast burrito. If you are reading this, I believe you are nodding your head while thinking predictable. You are correct.
Another $20 pencil.

Another $20 pencil.

Our next stop was Ala Moana. We had two specific goals in mind and accomplished them both. First, Lynnette needed to procure the eye pencil that eluded me earlier in the week. She was thrilled to find it. “Can you pick up some colored eye shadow, too?” I asked her. I like colored eye shadow. Lynnette knows this, which is why she answered “No,” firmly.

Lynnette has assured me that she cannot live without this pencil and the others like it. She told me that she found cheaper ones at other places, but that the quality was lacking. I don’t understand what that means in terms of makeup, but I suppose I don’t really have to. After all, I’m the kind of guy who in his distant athletic past would scoff at a $120 glove and deride it as non-elite because I was some kind of baseball glove aficionado. I don’t like the whole $20 eye pencil thing but I get it. “If you can spend $20 on a pencil, I feel less guilty about spending $30 on a Cowboys t-shirt,” I said. This is true.
One for the high school grad party. Automatic.

One for the high school grad party. Automatic.

For a reason I am not yet privy to, Lynnette’s been doing Kate Spade research. As we walked past the window displays, Lynnette pointed out some new bag. We entered the store, to Madison’s dismay. “Let’s go sit on the seats in the back,” I said. “That’s the best part!” an associate said. She smiled at Mad and I and said “We didn’t forget about you guys!” As Madison and I started walking, she said “Okay, Mom,” to Lynnette in order to initiate purse-speak.

So I saw the wall of shoes positioned directly behind the chair Madison sat in. I think I was aiming for something that said “decadent” or “luxurious,” but since Mad is 5, it would be humorous. Well it was hilarious, but not for the reasons I’ve mentioned. There was a couple – tourists – seated in a couch facing Mad and I. “Serious, now,” I told Madison. “No laughing.” This picture is the first one. Madison smiled after I snapped it. “No! Like you’re mad at me!” I said. Then she did this. The guy on the couch LOLed.
Happy early birthday and Christmas, Sens!

More iPad time for meeeeeee!

In the entire time we’ve been together – including pre-marriage – Lynnette’s never had a computer she could call her own. She had her phone and that was about it. Once in a while, she’d use the iPad to perform the Devil’s work like scanning Pinterest and reading any number of food blogs. Well, now she’s got her own toy. She’s pretty excited about it, pretty much for all the reasons illustrated in the commercial for the Surface: USB port, expandable memory, Microsoft Office, and that price.

I am sure I will let you know how things progress for Lynnette and her new best friend. The Windows App store is severely limited, and this was something that bothered me, too. But one of my students put it into perspective for me. “But…” he said. “What?” I asked. “You have an iPad. And she has an S4,” he said. “Yeah,” I said. “Well then what does she need apps for?” I said “Ahhh,” but was that gurggling sound I can make in the back of my throat that sounds like Predator noises (if you have never heard me do this, ask me the next time we run into each other). Lynnette just wanted the internet and something she could do her work on. Done and done. Happy birthday/Christmas/Valentine’s Day/Anniversary my love!

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