Madison the Kaiju

Lynnette’ spent this weekend feeling increasingly worse from flu-like symptoms, and my own health rivaled hers after the catastrophic Cowboys loss this morning. Madison and I left Lynnette to rest and headed to my parents house for our customary lunch at my parents’ house.


No sun, but no rain either.

I don’t have to tell you how miserably hot it was this morning. Well, maybe I have to tell those of you who live on the east side, because I saw reports of lightning and rain out on that side. It was blistering in Mililani and Aiea, and if money had been on object, I could have easily spent the day with Madison driving around the island with the AC on full-blast, leaving the car only for food and bathroom breaks.

My dad filled the pool in the backyard during lunch and would you know it, the second we finished our meal, an expansive black cloud arrived over the valley. I don’t know what the weather conditions have to be for there to be thunder in the middle of a sunny day, but it happened today. We weren’t about to let some anomalous meteorological condition deter us from sitting in the kiddie pool. Tanya snapped this shot of us in the back patio. Not pictured: my dad watching the Broncos and Redskins trade interceptions.


Kaiju eggs!

Madison and I went to the pool at the rec center yesterday while Lynnette napped, and I am happy to report that she can swim from the edge of the pool across three lanes in a single breath. As awesome as that is, one of the consequences is that she’s less impressed with the two-foot depth of the kiddie pool. She swam across the pool a few times today, but of course, didn’t need to kick or paddle at all. Once she kicked off the wall, she just slid across to the other side.

I tried to spice up the pool by telling her that Uncle Matty was kaiju and that we had to save the pool. She liked that idea, right up until Matty and I started calling her kaiju and shooting her with water. Mad stayed up with me to watch Pacific Rim last night. It was the first time I saw it and I loved it. It is the best kind of escapist science-fiction: a save-the-world plot, generic characters, huge special effects, and of course, giant robots and humongous monsters beating the holy hell out of each other. “Are the humans good?” Madison asked. “Yes,” I said. “They have to drive the robots to kill the monsters.” She loved it. “Why are the monsters mean?” she asked after one of them ate a human. “They don’t like humans,” I said. Apparently, the plot wasn’t simple enough for a kindergartener.



Uncle Matty Kaiju never got into the pool. He pelted Madison and I with water instead. “Shoot the kaiju!” I shouted. “I’m not a kaiju! I’m a human!” Madison screamed, effectively ending that particular game. Too bad.

Well, I probably made a huge mistake taking a nap this afternoon. I couldn’t help it. When I got home from my parents house with Mad, Lynnette was up and slightly rejuvenated. The pool and heat did a number on me physically, and stupid Matthew Stafford ruined me emotionally. I walked into the bedroom and tried to read a newly-borrowed graphic novel and that lasted for about five minutes. When I woke up, the sky was significantly darker, but not as dark as it’s going to be tonight when I’m cursing myself and trying to sleep.


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