The Color Run 2013

We did the Color Run this morning for the second year in a row. While  it is true that there was very little actual running involved for our family, we still managed to meet our monthly quota for exercise and have fun doing it.

A pre-race blessing.

A pre-race blessing.

There were two sub-plots that concerned me before the run. The first was the weather. It had poured on Friday night and was still lightly raining when we got up in the morning. I wasn’t worried, though, because rain in Mililani has absolutely not correlation to weather conditions anywhere else, especially Kapolei. It doesn’t rain in Kapolei ever.

So when we were lined up and 15 minutes away from the start of the race and the sky took on the an ominous shade of gray, we weren’t worried. But when it started to drizzle consistently, I was a little apprehensive. Things got wet enough to Madison to stand directly in front of me and pull my shirt over her head. The shower, however, was of the passing variety and we were treated to Passion Pit’s “Little Secrets” blaring over the speakers a couple of times. It’s our new favorite family song.

At the Color Run, where colored dust permeates the air, it's best just to not look at what you're drinking.

At the Color Run, where colored dust permeates the air, it’s best just to not look at what you’re drinking.

The other sub-plot also worked itself out nicely. Last year, Lynnette and I pushed Madison around in a stroller because we were concerned that 4-year old Madison wouldn’t be able to walk the entire course. This year because she’s older (and also because we don’t have a stroller readily available), we told her she’d have to walk the whole thing. And she made it! She even ran in starts and stops. I think she might have enjoyed this experience more than the last time because she had the chance to move around rather than just pop out of the stroller to go through the color bombing stations.

When she came through the orange station, she complained about some of the color being in her eye. “Don’t rub it; you’ll make it worse,” I said. I looked away from her. She must have rubbed it because a few minutes later, I told her I wanted to take her picture and she looked up at me with wetness around her eye. “Good God!” I said. I know exactly why I thought her eye was bleeding. She is my daughter and I never want anything to happen to her. She told me her eye was sore, so I there were two distinct possibilities in play: 1) since we are all covered in colored dust, some of it got in her eye and it became wet in the area near her eye, 2) HER EYE IS BLEEDING! Jesus, I’ve become my mom. How did we get here?

The finish line!

The finish line!

I Instagrammed a picture of Madison pre-run and a friend from college said that he couldn’t picture me paying for an event like the Color Run. It’s hard for me to blame him; I don’t like physical exertion, so why would I pay for it? But I actually really enjoy the Color Run because Madison gets such a jolt out of it.

Today, she got caught up in the hype and wanted to jog. She sprinted out ahead of Lynnette and I and kept looking back, as if to see that we were still there. It was a move that Frank the Tank should have done more often while streaking in Old School. “I want someone to run with me,” she’d say. So a few times, I ramped it up to 3 MPH and move with her. It never lasted very long. “I think we should wait for mom,” she’d say. That was great because I can’t maintain my top speed for very long.

The highlight for her is always the end of the race. She broke out her pink color packet and chaos ensued. My aunt Tracey and cousins Alana and Ritchie also bombed Mad with color. The Goob. very nearly made herself a M.U.S.C.L.E. figure costume two days after Halloween.

See you in 2014!

See you in 2014!p


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