20 Is the New _______

Lynnette’s birthday was yesterday and we had a small thing to celebrate. I’ve been told (by the birthday girl) that we’ll celebrate more formally this weekend. That means she’s going to spend the rest of the week Yelping and Googling restaurants before narrowing it down to four or five, then waffling between those and asking my opinion even though she won’t consider it. Finally, by the end of the week, she will have settled on either Alan Wong’s or some new place we haven’t tried yet.

20 is the new ______.

Lynnette with the official candle-blower-outer of the Higa family.

I picked up the cake and candles before I picked up Madison. “I have a cake for moms,” I said. “Don’t say anything.” Madison is the worst secret-keeper in the world. “Okay, I won’t,” she promised. Liar and slave! During dinner, Lynnette said “Reid called to wish me a happy birthday.” Mad quickly replied, “No, you got to eat your dinner first.” “What?” Lynnette said. I looked at Mad. She had a guilty look on her face. “She thought you said something else,” I said. “Why, what’s happening after dinner?” Lynnette asked. I looked at the Goob. Mad furrowed her brow and revealed all her teeth, a sure sign of “Oh, shoot.”

I also purchased candles to create the number 20 on Lynnette’s cake. You see, the first rule of Lynnette’s age is WE DON’T TALK ABOUT LYNNETTE’S AGE. While the candles cost slightly less than $5, I feel as if I have made a significant investment since we will be using these candles until they melt into an unrecognizable clump.

Perhaps the best news is that we still have lots of pizza and cake leftover for tonight. I didn’t feel well last night, so I was only able to get through two pieces of pizza and zero cake. I’m going to rectify that situation tonight.


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