Pictures and a Thousand Words

Scenes from the weekend:

My brother Paul

My brother Paul went to Maui on Wednesday and brought home a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts for us. On Friday night, Lynnette and I were sitting at the dinner table with bellies full of pasta and hearts full of lamentations. “It’s too bad we couldn’t get the variety pack,” I said. “Yeah,” Lynnette said. “I love the raspberry jelly-filled.” Before we come off as ingrates, I want to say that we enjoyed the glazed delights Paul gave us. It’s just that they stirred memories of our trip to California during which time we went on a Krispy Kreme (among other things) binge. “Let’s go to Regal Bakery!” Lynnette said. “You driving?” I said. “Yes!” Lynnette said. A few minutes later (after Lynnette called and put a few items on hold), we were in Chinatown enjoying some awesome pastries. Random Note: One of the TVs at Regal Bakery was playing Bones. If you’ve ever seen the show, you know that while the show is more or less grounded in science, there can be some gruesome scenes – especially of the body. Well, it caught Mad’s eye. “They’re showing yucky stuff,” she said. “Well, just don’t look at it,” Lynnette and I told her. “I… can’t.” she said, eyes glued to the TV.

Madison attended

On Saturday, Madison attended a birthday party for one of her classmates. It was small gathering at Lisa Rose where little girls become princesses for an hour or two. Lynnette and I left Madison to have a lunch date at The Pig & The Lady. When we got back, we thought we’d be able to pick Madison up with us, even if we were a little early. Well, we were wrong. I entered the room and all the girls were made up and dressed up and accessorized. There were moms there also, but no brothers or fathers or uncles or grandfathers or boyfriends or males of any kind. I snapped a few pictures, then excused myself. Look, I know I’m neither a man’s man nor ladies’ man, but even I can’t handle a scenario like that. I sat on a bench outside scrolling through Twitter and reading about that absurd ending to the Georgia/Auburn game. Aren’t my girls beautiful, though?

My mom went all-out this for weekend for lunch.

My mom went all-out this for weekend for lunch. After a meal of saimin with an unreal spread of fixings, she made Matty break out the Ninja to shave ice. She bought the ingredients for halo-halo, and I have to admit it was pretty good. It’s been so muggy and gross over the past few days that even if the fruits and beans at the bottom of the cup make me feel like Madison does in this picture, the thought of ice and ice cream was too tempting to pass up. Now we’re at home and it’s too cloudy for the pool, but it’s so humid. Madison’s put up the “I’m bored” tantrum already. I’m resisting the urge to turn the AC on. I would very much like if my brother and mother showed up to make cold desserts for the rest of the night. It’s so hot right now. Hansel.

Madison showed my mom

Madison showed my mom  game on Lynnette’s phone. It’s one of the myriad variations of the old game “Rush Hour.” “Oh!” my mom said. “That’s just like that one game with the cars that Paul used to like.” I agreed. “We still have it in the spare room closet,” she said. “Along with all the rest of the games. Why don’t you go take a look.” So I went to go take a look and she was right, Rush Hour was up there. Our old box of dominoes was also up there. Coincidentally, Madison had just been talking about dominoes a few days ago. I learned today that Mad has a pretty steady hand. Neither she nor I ruined a chain of dominoes prematurely. As you can see, we got pretty radical, using my mom’s jazz cd cases as stairs and tunnels. The only limitation was that we had a pretty small box of dominoes. I’ve got to start combing through the Black Friday ads to see if dominoes are on sale anywhere. I’ve already started thinking about lining up dominoes on the island in our kitchen which would make their way down to the floor, then travel around the island, culminating in the final piece splashing into Abby’s water dish.


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