Closing in on Christmas

We’re a week out from Christmas break and I feel like everyone in our house can feel it. There’s an added excitement in the air that’s mostly positive, even if the Cowboys blow a 26-3 halftime lead. I think that’s the greatest miracle of all, really – no offense to Santa, Matt Flynn, and Baby Jesus.

The life.

The life.

When we went to the Kroc Center on Friday night, Madison was without her mittens for the snow. Grandma Higa remedied that on Saturday night, providing Madison with a brand new pair of white mittens. “Is she really going to wear these?” my mother asked. Apparently, she doesn’t know Madison as well as she thinks she does.

Yesterday evening, Madison put on a foam crown and her mittens (princess gloves, like Peach) and put on a hula-hoop exhibition in the middle of our crowded living room. No wives or dogs were injured in the performing of the double hula-hoop stunt.

Braddah Gecks!

Braddah Gecks!

As you can see, Abby’s getting into the holiday spirit. She’s been rocking her cold weather gear during the past week and she loves it. She is visibly upset when we take it off for bed. Also joining in the festivities is our other, unofficial pet, Gecks Higa. He made an appearance near the Christmas tree as we were headed to bed. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take his picture since he is so camera shy. I have a better picture, but that one doesn’t have the tree in it, and well, the point is the Christmas spirit.

Gecks is smaller than I remember, and that’s probably because there is more than one Gecks living with us. Yesterday morning Madison and I descended our stairs to get something from the garage. I didn’t have my glasses on, but I could see something on the landing. I got close enough to see that it was a gecko corpse being raided by ants. Madison – whose eyes have not yet betrayed her – stopped a few steps above me. “What is that?” she asked. “That’s a dead gecko and ants eating it,” I said. I’m sure there was a less honest, more cartoony way of saying that, but it was early and what’s the point. Madison stuck around to watch me clean it up, shouting “Don’t show it to me close to my face!” as I lowered my hand to pick up the departed lizard. C’mon, Mad. I’m not mom.

She's just like the mom.

She’s just like the mom.

I am happy to report that Abby’s learned a new trick. If we’re in bed and I say “over,” she’ll roll onto her back. She expects scratches to the chest and belly. But the catch is she only does it in the bed. Lynnette and I have theorized that the floor and couch are far too stiff for Abby’s tastes, and as such, she will only roll onto her back on the bed or comforter. It’s appalling.

I don’t know if it was Lynnette’s intention for Abby to learn high maintenance behaviors via osmosis, but here were are. Congratulations, Lynnette. Madison has no hope.


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