Madison’s Pizza Milestone

This is how our day began:

Oh, that view...

Oh, that view…

New Higa Badge unlocked!

New Higa Badge unlocked!

Lynnette took the day off to spend it with the two of us, and like the consummate consumers we are, decided to partake in a little retail therapy. First, though, we stopped at Magic Island to drop off some food to a few former students who were BBQing there. I would have liked to stick around for a while, but I don’t think they or my girls would have enjoyed that all too much. We did, however, manage to take a handful of really great pictures.

Madison took a big step in terms of her Higaness today. She had her first Sbarro pizza. It was a nice slice of cheese that she joyously plowed through like her father, her grandfather Al, and her uncles Matty and Paul. Though they were not there, I am sure that they are all very proud of Madison.

It wasn't that funny.

It wasn’t that funny.

After Ala Moana, we headed down to Ward Warehouse to pick up some facial beauty products at the Face Shop. I resurrected the old tradition of painting Madison’s nails in-store. I have come to the realization that I should stick with the clear polishes with confetti in it. It’s a lot more difficult to see my mistakes that way.

We also ended up getting dessert at Menchie’s. Lynnette and I had finished our bowls but Madison was lagging behind. “Are you finished?” I asked. “No,” she said, without looking up from her bowl. She was busy scraping the bottom of the bowl. When she lifted her spoon, a gummy worm was resting in a small puddle of chocolate yogurt. “You found a worm in the mud!” I said. I thought it was kind of clever, but Madison thought it was the most hilarious thing she had heard all day. She smiled. Then she giggled. Then she laughed so hard she spat chocolate yogurt all over my arm and phone. Then she thought that was the most hilarious thing she saw all day, so she started drooling chocolate from the corners of her mouth. I cannot confirm whether or not this is another trait of Higaness.


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