Madison Auditions for the Role of Big Sister

We got together with Lynnette’s college friends for what has become mostly an annual gathering since we’ve all entered full-blown adulthood. There’s a lot of food, catching up, and increasingly more children running around. It’s fun, but I think Madison might enjoy it most. She gets to play big sister.

Back off, guys. She's all mine.

Back off, guys. She’s all mine.

Lynnette just asked Madison what her favorite part of the day was. Her answer: “When I got my Kendama and when I got to play with Tanner.” (My favorite part of the day? Finally meeting baby Kegan!) That’s right, aunty Gina and uncle Derek got Madison a kendama for Christmas. My hope was that the kendama epidemic would die before Madison really wanted one. It was actually funny because I thought that we had made it through this year without Madison getting one. Not as funny, though, as when Lynnette tried to show Madison how to kendama, but blasted her daughter in the chin with the ball instead.

Friends? An audience? Both!

Friends? An audience? Both!

Madison is the oldest of the Creighton Ladies’ children. That makes her big sister and she can more or less dictate the action. That works out great for her because she’s kind of bossy. In fact, she and I got into an argument yesterday because I told her she couldn’t have a snack. At one point, she again reminded me that I’m not the boss of the house, but her shouts culminated in “YOU JUST DON’T WANT ME TO BE A BOSS!” I considered telling her that she was a boss, but I let the moment pass.

In the doghouse.

In the doghouse.

Anyway, Madison guided most of the action in Emmie’s backyard. She and Tanner chased and ran from Emmie’s dog. Madison convinced Tanner to gather something called “leaf confetti.” I sometimes worry that since Madison is alone so often and can more or less do what she wants in terms of play, she’ll just immediately believe she can call the shots like another Filipino Princess who lives in our house. The kids also played with tinker toys, but there’s something refreshing about just watching kids running around in wide open spaces. I can do without the screaming, but I guess that’s part of the deal.

Seconds before things devolved into chaos.

Seconds before things devolved into chaos.

When the eating and talking started winding down, we herded the kids to the couch for a picture. “Do you want to hold Kegan?” Lynnette asked Madison. She jumped at the chance. She also instructed Tanner to hold his sister Carly and indicated where he should sit.

Mad spends all of her time with us being told what to do and asking permission. I don’t know what she’s like when I’m not around. I know that’s the human condition, but still. It’s amazing to see how at ease she is with other children. She always tells me these little silly stories about what she and her friends do at school. I confess that sometimes I’m not completely listening, at others, I can’t quite picture it. But days like today provide a little insight into what Madison is like around her peers. The hardest part about it telling Mad that’s time to leave. The hope though, is just maybe we can all get together more often, and they’ll all grow up together as buddies. I know Madison would love that.


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