The First Day of the Rest of the School Year

I got up at my usual work week time of 4:45 in the morning without incident. I drove to work without having to contemplate the ever-so-tempting “40-Minute Nap at My Desk.” Then 5th period ended and I yawned. I had already been up seven hours by noon. I miss you so, Winter Break (someone’s going back to school tomorrow, and I suspect she will miss Winter Break even more than I do).

423We’re halfway through another school year and that means Macbeth in British Authors Honors. I filled two-and-half boards with the same notes I go over every year. As I stood in front and center in my classroom and looked over my handwriting, I managed to simultaneously impress  and sadden myself. I remembered a lot of it, but should have remembered more. I had to refer to the my notes. This never would have happened five years ago. I cheered myself up, however, when I re-read my brief description of Shakespearean comedy: marked by slapstick humor, problematic romances, and often ended with a marriage. “So my early 20s, then?” I said aloud to an empty classroom.

I’m actually pretty wiped out. I never fall asleep easily after softball games, and I can already feel the beginnings of a lack-of-sleep headache forming in the front of my skull. I’ll probably shower and slip into bed immediately after posting this. I have to admit, though, going back to school is tough, mostly because I miss the girls.

When I was in college, I looked forward to each weekend like it was Christmas morning; infinite possibilities, you know? Then when I started teaching – my first full-time job – I didn’t care what I did on the weekend because anything was better than work. It’s swung around the other way again. It started once Madison got old enough to take out in public without having to fear that she would do something that would expose me as a horrible parent. It’s evolved to the point where I call these outings “adventures,” and she’s all in with me. Teaching isn’t a terrible way to make a living, it’s just never going to compete with playground hunting and tide pooling and trying my best to photograph it all. It’s just me and the girls and What are we going to do today? 


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