West Side Adventure

We were at Costco for our annual eye exams this morning. We had set the rest of the day for housecleaning, but it was beautiful outside. The weather didn’t cooperate last weekend when we wanted to go to the beach, so I figured we couldn’t let this gorgeous day slip away. Despite news of high surf on the north and west shores, we headed to Waianae. That drive, though.

162435A friend recommended the rocky area near the third dip in the road at Yokohama Bay when I asked him for a kid-friendly suggestion and it was perfect. Lynnette watched the waves pound the shore all the way through Waianae and she was worried that Madison wouldn’t able to get into the water. When we arrived, Lynnette was happy to find that the reef blocked the waves – which were pretty impressive – from getting to the shore.

Lynnette dressed Madison in a two-piece bathing suit that finally fits. Madison stood in front of the television before we left, waiting for me to apply her sunblock. “Look at what mom put me in,” she said. “That’s nice,” I said. I gotta be honest, I didn’t mean it. “I’m wearing a bra, dad,” she said. It’s a good thing my contacts weren’t in because I rolled my eyes so hard that I would have lost the contacts forever in the back of my eye sockets. Every single time we approached a parking lot fronting a beach, Madison asked if we were finally there. “Nope,” I said about a billion times. That’s probably why she was so excited when we finally did get there.

The lone drawback to the tide pool area we set up in was that it was extremely shallow. Madison wanted to show off some of her swimming moves, but the first time she dove into the water, her belly came down on the sand. Every once in a while, a large set would roll in and catch Madison by surprise. The first time it happened, Madison screamed (because that’s what she does) and tried to run to the shore. She tripped, fell face-first into the water, and spent the next 15 minutes vowing not to get into the water again.

Eventually, Madison worked up the courage to return to the water. This was possibly due to the fact that I told her if she didn’t, we’d just go back home. I didn’t mean it. I mean, we’d gone all that way. It really was a trek-and-a-half. Totally worth it, though. The clarity of the water, the heat of the sun, the contrast of sky blue and mountain green; it was near perfect. I am not and have never been much of a beach-goer, but I imagine that with less violent surf, the conditions are even more conducive to Madison. She was bummed she didn’t get to put her inflatable tube on. I know we’ll be back, but I don’t know when. Driving all the way out there for the first time had a sense of adventure about it, the thrill of a family first. Next time, it’ll seem like much more of a chore.


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  1. […] Clever girl. Since we headed out early, we avoided the traffic into Waianae that plagued our drive the last time we made it all the way out there. Like the last time, however, we were met with high surf along the […]

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