The Pink Room is Finally Occupied!

I didn’t want to jinx it, but I feel like a week in, it’s okay to talk about it.

She's all growns up.

She’s all growns up.

I posted a picture similar to this last week with the caption “Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this.” It’s absolutely true. I wish I could have cued up the Kelly Clarkson last Wednesday night when Madison washed her dish for the first time. It was a first, in the tradition of other magical firsts like Madison holding her own bottle for the first time and not having to take extra swipes of her butt after a number 2. Prior to this moment, we had her place her dishes in the sink. Now? Anything seems possible. And when I was riding an emotional high from such a milestone performance from the Goob, something else was in the works.

Lynnette is huddled up in there somewhere.

Lynnette is huddled up in there somewhere.

For reasons unknown to Lynnette and I, Madison announced that she would be sleeping in her room last week. Neither Lynnette nor I got too excited; we know that Madison makes bold statements all the time, only to renege on them or insert some qualifying language in order to amend the terms of said statement. The first couple of nights, Lynnette lay with her until she fell asleep. Whenever we attempted such a thing in the past, Madison would rouse in the middle of night and shout at one or both of us for ditching her. At that point one of us would get up and escort her to our room. It slowly transitioned to Madison waking in the morning, then shouting at us for ditching her, but being too tired to do anything about it. She would fall asleep again, then chide us when she was up for good.

I guess technically, she's not sleeping alone. 47% of her stuffed animal collection cruises bed with her.

The light saber is there, ostensibly, to ward off any malicious intruders.

When Madison was four, I told her that kids slept in their own beds when they turned 5. It didn’t quite work out that way. But again, for whatever reason she came up with in her own head, she’s taken to sleeping alone in her pink room.

Oh, she still stalls when it’s bed time, but so far, she’s been great. No incidents of panic. She hasn’t endured an existential crisis in which she asks herself “Wait, why am I doing this again?” and come whining back to our room. I suspect that part of the reason she’s decided to move out on us is because my snoring has escalated into CenturyLink Field levels. According to Lynnette, when Madison slept in our room on Saturday night (just to hang out) she shouted for me to be quite several times in the middle of the night from her spot on the futon next to the bed. For what it’s worth, I didn’t hear anything. I blame the increase in snoring on being so tired from my new/old baseball schedule.

Well, whatever it is, I am so happy. Madison’s a big girl and it was about time. I no longer have to worry about tripping over her in the morning when it’s dark and I am still disoriented, drunk with sleep and yearning for more of it. It’s also so much easier to kiss her goodbye in the morning. This way, Abby doesn’t launch herself off of our bed and intercept the kiss meant for the Goob. Dog tongue at 5:10 in the morning is so not the business.


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