Two Birthday Parties, a Bunch of Waterfalls and a Two Pools

The weekend finally came to and end in my living room. There were mounds of laundry strewn about the space and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t tempted to just let them sit there and hope that they magically took care of themselves. And by magically, I mean Lynnette. There is a single mountain of laundry left and I am certain that as soon as she’s alone in the house, Abby will launch herself into it, pull out socks and all kinds of shit that she likes to chew on or hide behind the couch, leading me to swear when I find holes in my clothes or am left with three single socks. “Abby!” I shout. I hold up the socks in an angry fist. “Where are the other sides?” I say. She will wag her tail and not answer me. Jerk. I just bought you jerky treats yesterday!

We don't call him Tanner Baby anymore.

Mad doesn’t call him Tanner Baby anymore.

The two birthday parties lined up for Sunday were the last hurdles in a busy weekend for me. The first was the first birthday party for Carly – the daughter of Lynnette’s college friends – at the Willows. Madison had been there once or twice before, and before we even sat down, she inquired about the possibility of a walk with Tanner, Carly’s older brother.

Once we finished our meals, Madison and I got up from the table and began our walk to the door. “Can we get Tanner?” Madison asked. “Go see if he’s done eating his lunch,” I said. There was something endearing about watching Madison softly walk over to Tanner’s table and ask his grandparents if he was available to play. A few moments later, the two of them were sprinting out the front door of the dining hall, on their way to a supervised tour of the various waterfalls.

That was kind of the theme of the day: children of various ages walking around followed closely by adults. It was a weird kind of laissez faire observation, adults with one eye on their phones, the other on the kids. No one fell into the water, so I guess it all worked out.

Not an oncoming F-bomb, I swear she didn't swear.

Not an oncoming F-bomb, I swear she didn’t swear.

The second party was back in Mililani for one of Lynnette’s high school classmate’s sons. Mililani Recreation Center 4 has a round pool with a maximum depth of 5 feet. This would have been perfect if not for the fact that the pool isn’t heated and the water was damn cold. Lynnette gamely dressed in a swimsuit under her clothing and the second I dipped a toe into the water, I knew she wouldn’t be getting in the pool. I backed into the pool down the stairs and it was incredibly difficult. I guess the combination of rain and cloud cover during the week meant the sun didn’t have the chance to warm up the water. Madison bombed in and said “Get me out of here!” as soon as her head emerged from the water. She eventually made her way into an even smaller circular pool in the corner. The water came up to Mad’s mid-thigh. But I am told it was warm. “Yeah, because there’s pee in it,” Lynnette said.

I thought it was great, though. In one day, Lynnette got to spend time with some of the most important people from her past. She spent the morning with college friends and the afternoon with a high school one. Given what I did on Friday night, I suppose it was a great weekend for old friends. It just wasn’t a great weekend for laundry or baseball, for that matter. You can’t have it all, I guess.


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