Saturday In the Park, and Somehow Not the Baseball Kind

Lynnette’s spent the past week in battling the flu, so we couldn’t beat yesterday’s hot weather by going to the beach. I instead suggested having lunch at Moanalua Gardens with an exploration to follow. It worked out very well.

Lynnette calls the Heights Drive-In's noodles "the best in the world."

Lynnette calls the Heights Drive-In’s noodles “the best in the world.”

I also suggested that we pick up plate lunches from the Heights Drive-In for lunch, so I was pretty much on the zone on fire yesterday. Lynnette and I each picked up the special and Madison ate a spam musubi. Lynnette ordered a Green River because she holds to a mandate to buy Green River whenever available, and said mandate overrides my own personal principle of ordering the largest Coke possible whenever it is available. If that seems like a pretty big sacrifice for me to make, know that it is, but also know that Lynnette made the even bigger sacrifice by allowing me to eat her leftovers for dinner. I don’t give a damn what Vanessa Williams or Lorie Salvatera said, that is love.

Lucky ducks.

Lucky ducks.

After our meal, we made our way to the koi pond which doubles as the duck pond, and generally means that the koi are shit out of luck in trying to get those delicious koi pellets.

We purchased a cup of koi food from the gift shop at the front of the park and Madison had a great time feeding the wildlife. Since the pellets float on the surface of the water, the ducks can move more quickly to gobble them up. An older man watching us suggested bringing bread for the ducks, then feeding the koi in another area. Madison didn’t care, she liked feeding the ducks. The ducklings were still wary of humans, so they stayed away, but the adult ducks followed Madison around like she was some kind of celebrity – which I suppose she was as long as she was holding a plastic cup of food. At one point, Madison sprinkled pellets slowly from the bridge with both hands. “I’m making it rain!” she said excitedly. Now, if I told you that Madison’s statement inspired me to attempt distributing the pellets like this, would you be surprised at all?

The Lynnette Higa Modeling School is accepting applications for the spring semester. Hurry! Space is limited!

The Lynnette Higa Modeling School is accepting applications for the spring semester. Hurry! Space is limited!

I couldn’t remember the last time I had been to Moanalua Gardens. I seem to remember something about a fishing tournament for a family reunion, 1992 maybe? I don’t know. But I figured since the beach was out, the Gardens would be cheap, and also allow me many opportunities to take pictures. I’ve been trying to improve my photography skills through reps and the guidance of my students, all of whom have better equipment and more experience than I do. Most of the pictures posted on this blog, though, are taken from my phone because the photos from the camera are too large to compress in this space. After all, I am a words guy, first and foremost.

Anyway, picture taking always depends on Madison’s mood. Yesterday, both of my girls were in fine form. They wore matching Cinnamon Girl tank tops. Honestly, I don’t know why Lynnette didn’t just make Mad wear plain khaki shorts. She was so close, right? I feel like when you go this far, you may as well just finish the job. I snapped a bunch of pictures and ran the battery down to a flashing battery icon. Solid job.

Didn't want to spend a second longer on the bridge than she needed.

Didn’t want to spend a second longer on the bridge than she needed.

We walked along the stream bordering the Gardens. Madison and I descended down to the stream bed to look for some wildlife, but all we saw were tiny fish and things she called tadpoles. I don’t know what they were. They might have been tadpoles. We made it all the way to the bridge leading to the non water fountain in the corner of the park. “This is cool,” Madison said as she ran across the grass. She ran up a small hill then begged us to watch her sprint down it. She loves plowing through wide open spaces. We visited the ducks one last time before leaving, because Madison always indirectly lets us know when it’s time to leave: if there are beads of sweat resting on her nose and her hair is matted to her forehead, it’s time.


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