On the Eve of the Season

The season starts tomorrow. 11:30 at CORP.

Yes, that's Matty.

Yes, that’s Matty.

That’s kind of a big deal, but not nearly as important as the fact that baseball’s taken over my life again, just like I always knew it would. I suppose that stems from the fact that there’s no middle ground for me and baseball; I’m either all-in and all-out or I’m not involved at all. I really enjoyed last weekend when the team was in Molokai, but this week’s been the exact opposite. I spent about 10 minutes total with Madison last night. I gave her a bath while testing her addition skills. It was an amazing scene, I’m sure: Madison standing in the tub, squinting through streams of water to see her fingers as she uses them to add, myself squatting next to the tub in basketball shorts, and glasses.

“Monday Night Raw?” she asked as she stood in a towel next to the bed. This is what she calls the WWE Network. “Yes!” I said. “Would you like to watch with me?” She nodded. “Dad? Did you download WWE to my iPad, too?” she asked. “No,” I said. “Because I saw it on my iPad,” she said. “That’s right!” I said. My iTunes account is the one I set up her iPad with. No, I haven’t taken the WWE app off. Let’s just see how things play out, shall we?

When I could still fit the 8, take chances with the hair.

When I could still fit the 8, take chances with the hair.

Lynnette and I spend a little more time together, but that’s mostly a function of sleeping in the same bed. Lynnette’s somehow discovered something called Zulily, which from what I understand is a markdown marketplace for women and children. “So, it’s like Pinterest, but you can buy things from it?” I asked. “Hmmmm,” Lynnette said, her face illuminated by her phone’s screen. I don’t know if she heard me. Lynnette’s “Hmmmm,” is her patented I’m-not-listening-but-I-know-someone-has-spoken-to-me-so-I-am-required-to-respond-so-I-will-provide-an-audible-response-that-is-neither-affirmative-nor-negative-in-the-hopes-that-it-ends-the-conversation-and-they-leave-me-alone sound. She did, however, invite me to look at a bunch of marked down watches and pop culture-themed hoodies.

She also ooohed and aaahed over a picture of her friend’s 5-year anniversary gift. It was a massive, massive diamond ring. “Someone’s got an anniversary coming up, special number 8!” she said. Stooping to the level of invoking my fondest for the number 8. Unreal. I Googled the traditional 8-year wedding gift. “Linen and lace,” I said. “YES!” “That’s so junk!” Lynnette said. “Hey, don’t blame me,” I said. I figure if I get Lynnette some really like lacy things, that’s gift enough for both of us, right? Pounce!

I send pictures like this to Lynnette once in a while. I miss them a lot.

I send pictures like this to Lynnette once in a while. I miss them a lot.

Our team has improved steadily since the start of workouts. Being able to practice at CORP three days a week has had a huge impact on our defense. It’s something the teams I played on at Damien were never afforded. You bet you ass I jump in there during double play drills. Incidentally, practice has been good for me personally. I’ve lost 1o pound since the start of the season, mostly through – wait for it – diet and exercise. I eat breakfast or lunch (sometimes both if I have the time and means) , then run around at practice. I’m hungry when I get home, but I’m more tired, so I fall asleep before my stomach starts making noises and sending me Eff-You messages in Morse code. I have a built-in cheat day: whenever we go to Sushi Bay.

Well, Damien is in Division 2 now. Our regular season is a 15-game slate during which we play Maryknoll, Pac West, and St. Francis 5 times each. Should we emerge from the season and the play-off victorious, we will be eligible for the state tournament. That’s the goal. From here to there, then.


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