Madison Hates the Rain

“I hate rainy days, dad. They’re so boring.” -Madison Higa

I also hate the rain because it ups the number of times Madison says “What are we going to do? I’m so bored!” from a barely tolerable level to an insane amount that makes me want to unleash a kind of “Back in my day…” lecture that includes – but is not limited to: running with slippers on my hands, using sticks as swords, making bases, using my imagination, and taking long naps.

She's right.

She’s right. We stayed home Saturday night, Lynnette and I watched Saturday Night Live while Madison watched Mulan and a whole bunch of other shows that I’ve never heard of. Incidentally, this is how Madison watches shows on her iPad. While this is an extreme example, she has a knack for somehow finding an extremely inconvenient way to watch her shows. Sometimes she sprawls out in the middle of the living room. Sometimes she brings her top-8 stuffed animals into our bed and expects Lynnette and I to make the adjustment. “I’m going to throw them off the bed,” I say. “Go,” she says back, defiantly. “Abby’s going to rip their eyes off,” I say. She makes a mad face at me. Then she gets up and puts her toys away. Win for dads.

We had lunch at my parents' house because our softball game was cancelled.

We had lunch at my parents’ house because our softball game was cancelled. That’s two games in a row – a Damien baseball game on Saturday and a Nakagusuku softball game on Sunday – with the chance for a third tonight. Honestly, we play the 8 PM game, so I wouldn’t be too broken up if it was rained out. I’d just like to know at some point before I leave Damien at 6:30 after practice, then drive out to CORP. But so anyway, lunch was pretty great because I Inceptioned the idea of a parade into Madison’s head. I, of course, could not participate because I had to take photos of the parade. My wife and family were less than thrilled at the prospect of a parade, but they did it anyway. “Madison, I want to tell you something,” I said on our way home. “OK,” she said. “I want you to know that not everyone has such a good family like you do. You are lucky. Not everyone’s family will put on a parade for their children,” I said. “That’s why you need to treat them nicely, OK?” I said. She nodded at me in the rear view mirror.

At some point before leaving,

At some point after the parade, but before we left, Madison decided to put on a “show.” I had no idea what this might entail, but apparently, only Mad’s best friend Tanya and my parents were invited. So Madison had a length of ribbon. Sometimes, she tucks this ribbon into the drawers in the kitchen so as to make it “off limits.” Sometimes, she tells my dad to shake it like a snake or river on the floor of the living room so she can run, then jump over it. Yesterday, she used it as a prop in some kind of interpretive dance routine. There were jumps and spins, but no music. Maybe the music was in her head. My mom and dad get such a kick out of stuff like this. If it were me and Matty (but not Paul), my mom would have yelled for us to stop jumping around the house. 

Rainy weather

Rainy weather is also known as “Cuddle Weather” in our house. As soon as we got home from some light grocery shopping in the afternoon, Madison set up in my bedroom to watch some Christmas show. I know, I know. I posted a few pictures of the parade, shed my clothing, and eventually found my way into a nap. I’ve been taking Sunday afternoon naps for the past few weeks because I have absolutely no fear of not being able to sleep later that night. I’m so tired, it doesn’t matter. When I got up, I found Madison wrapped up on the couch watching Return of the Jedi. “Eww,” she said as she beheld the Rancor beast for the first time. Later, I explained to her that Luke had a green light saber because he lost the blue one when Darth Vader cut his hand off at the end of Empire. “He needed to make his own light saber to complete his Jedi training, and he picked green,” I said. Lynnette rolled her eyes and smirked, but I let it slide. She had made a wonderful dinner and did not deserve a Star Wars-laden tirade from a woozy husband. There are, of course, times when she absolutely deserves such a thing, but yesterday was not that day.

Let’s try to get a game or two in this week, huh, weather gods?


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