A Rained Out While the Sun’s Out

The current anthem, though it has very little to do with weather patterns and rainfall:

Yeah, it was sunny all day yesterday, but apparently, the heavy rainfall on Monday was enough to render CORP unplayable. I got the cancellation call at 9:30 in the morning. I took a look outside my window to see blue skies and nature’s majesty. “OK,” I said to my head coach. Then I hung up the phone and launched a short string of expletives. It might have sounded like Peyton Manning calling an audible. In a Quentin Tarantino film.

I would make it rain on her if she would make it stop raining on us.

Don’t look at me like that, Storm! Get off your ass!

This is the second game to be cancelled of the three we’ve passed on the schedule. Should the wet weather continue, it’s going to blow up the regular season schedule and do go God-knows-what to our post-season play-off thing that I’m vehemently against, anyway. Obviously, I was pretty upset that the game was called off, but my saltiness shot up several levels when I realized that I had not packed an extra set of clothing other than my game uniform. I only packed the pants, a dri-fit top, and a half-jacket. Since my stomach was hanging over my belt, I had to wear the half-jacked. Perhaps taking pity on me, the weather gods granted the field a nice breeze yesterday at practice, mitigating my discomfort. Of course I’m not going to wash the pants for Thursday.

Not enough yellow sun!

Not enough yellow sun!

We’re supposed to have a game tomorrow at Goeas Field, which from what I understand, is near Koko Head. Something about too many ILH teams and not enough fields, so we’ve had to expand the search. I’ll be riding the bus down because there’s no way I’m driving all the way down there then driving all the way back to Mililani after the game. That seems insane. Instead, I’ll have to settle for getting home at 8:30 on Thursday night with my fingers crossed that Lynnette brought some sushi home for dinner. Wink, wink, Mrs. Higa. I mean all of this is hypothetical. We have a game on the schedule, but who knows if we’re actually going to play? You’re damn right I’m breaking out an anti-jinx, complete with this:


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