Spontaneous Date Day: College Basketball, Nico’s, Super Mud

When I got home shortly after noon from CORP, I was grouchy. The team gave up 5 unearned runs in the first inning of the game. We lost 5-3. I showered and took a nap. It being Spring Break and all, I was content to sleep until someone came home and woke me up. Lynnette had a work thing, Madison was with Lynnette’s parents. It was just me, Abby, and a strong breeze on the ship to mid-day dreamland. Lynnette got home at some point, and then something amazing happened: we spent the rest of the day together.

No, your eyes do not deceive, that is a middle finger on its way to me.

No, your eyes do not deceive, that is a middle finger on its way to me.

As I lay in the final stages of my nap, Lynnette muttered something about all of her friends from college posting in support of their beloved Creighton Blue Jays basketball team. Apparently, they were playing in the Big East Championship game. “Are they on TV?” Lynnette asked. “Wait, let me look,” I said. “Are they playing already?” Lynnette asked. “WAIT, LET ME LOOK,” I said. A few moments later we found them on Fox Sports 1. That’s when a very rare version of Lynnette showed up, the I-legitimately-give-a-shit-about-this-sports-game-or-match-or-whatever Lynnette. This version of Lynnette expires immediately following the conclusion of the game (or match) and thusly, I felt obligated to preserve it for posterity:

I posted this video on Instagram yesterday and have already watched it between 15 and a million times. I can’t get over that second-to-last scene when she’s got the jelly legs and arms going like she’s Shaggy without Scooby and she’s just seen a ghost.

Some time during the game, Lynnette’s parents dropped Madison off. “I have a surprise for you guys!” she shouted from the doorway. “You guys have a date night because I’m going to a party with Mama and Papa!” Whenever Madison makes statements like this, I spend a few minutes trying to decipher what she might really mean. She had just spent the entire day with them, after all. In this case, though, she was dead on. She and Lynnette’s parents had been invited to a party. “Do you want to have a date night?” Lynnette asked. It was a dumb question, but at least she didn’t ask it to the tune of “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” Rage averted.

Not pictured: Uggs.

Not pictured: Uggs.

Not pictured: Gut.

Not pictured: Gut.

We got into Nico’s at Peir 38 just before the rush hit. We were seated at those high tables next to the bar and the only drawback was that I was unable to see the guy playing guitar and singing. There was a huge wooden pillar in the way. Other than that, no complaints about anything. I generally never have beer with any meal (because I don’t like the taste of beer, and when I think about drinking a beer, I think about how disappointed I’ll be that it doesn’t taste like Coke, so I always end up just getting Coke, but I guess not last night), but Date Night seemed like an appropriate time for it. I had the braised short ribs and I didn’t touch the veggies that they tried to hide in there. What do they think I am? Some dog whose vitamins they can just crush and mix into its food? Pfft! Lynnette got the bouillabaisse and was so happy it came with chunks of sourdough bread for dipping. Lynnette noticed that I was eating much slower than usual. I told her I was trying to pace myself so we could hang out for a while. Date Nights don’t happen very often, after all – certainly not during baseball season. Lynnette talked about her work earlier that morning. I talked only briefly about the game because I didn’t want to re-anger myself. Lynnette ordered a slice of salted caramel vanilla cake for dessert, and I added Nico’s to the list. Aside from the baseball team and Creighton, everybody won last night. I guess that’s not everybody, but still.

They can take our lives, but they'll never take our skin care products!

They can take our lives, but they’ll never take our skin care products!

Date Night finished with a his and hers Super Mud mask session. When I look at that selfie on the left, I see a lot of things. I see a late 90s CD cover. I see a dog who didn’t want to be in the picture. I see two people who have been together for a long time. Best, though, I see two people who never get to see each other at the end of 9 straight hours together.

We started Before Midnight, but once Mad got home, I knew that was going to end. Maybe tonight. Once Madison popped out of the shower, she started singing the chorus of Maroon 5’s “This Love,” with a whole bunch of wrong words. Once she finally put some clothes on, she cuddled in bed next to me. “I miss you,” she said. “I miss you, too,” she said. “How about since we miss each other-” she started. “No, you’re going to sleep in your own bed, Madison,” I said. She smiled. “Okay, dads, I’ll see you in the morning,” she said.

As promised, she got into our bed at sunlight this morning. It’s time to make breakfast. I have a game at 11:30. What a pleasant start to Spring Break.


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