Spring Break 2014: Monday (St. Patrick’s Day)

I am sure that a fair percentage of my friends will spend the night clad in green drinking dark, thick beer. I, on the other hand, will play in a softball game. As a bonus, I’ll do it totally sober. Fear not, though. Madison awoke proclaiming that we wear green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. I suppose the least we could have done was get a shamrock shake from McDonald’s, but we love Taco Bell too much for that. Playground Tour 2014!

A new park! Fantastic!

A new park! Fantastic!

Before going to bed last night, I asked for help locating playgrounds in Ewa Beach. My friend Mark suggested a new park near the new Safeway and Petco. Mark said of the playground:

...it [the new park] has a playground for Mad, an enclosed dog park for Baxter, and a workout area for you. Wins all across the board. 

He was right. Mad liked the playground at Hoalauna Park. I am also sure that Abby would have loved the dog park if she came along with us. I am also sure that I would have found the workout equipment to my satisfaction if I knew what to do with any of it.

What a rebel.

What a rebel.

We weren't playing hide-and-seek. Would that have been better or worse?

We weren’t playing hide-and-seek. Would that have been better or worse?

Just before leaving Hoalauna Park, I asked a woman who lives in the area for more playground suggestions. She obliged by pointing us in the direction of another new play structure. She said all we needed to do was follow the road until its end. We’d find a large expanse of green and a playground. Her directions came with a single caveat. “There are not restrooms there, though,” she said. “Only porta-potties.” I asked Madison if she had to use the bathroom before we left, and she said she did not. We got into the car and headed for the new park.

I think Madison and I were both a little disappointed by the playground. It wasn’t quite the “junk playground” that we decry on sight, but it was similar. Madison enjoyed the spiral slide and the normal one, but there weren’t many more activities than that. Ten minutes into her play, Madison told me she had to use the bathroom. We both turned our heads toward the two porta-potties sitting in the corner of the park. “Well…” I said. Of course she had to use the bathroom once we left the first park. That’s just how the universe works. I don’t know what the name of this park is, but Mad added it to her list. Good job, daughts.

You ever heard of a spider who is afraid of heights? I have.

You ever heard of a spider who is afraid of heights? I have.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

All of this was just a precursor to the day’s main event: Madison’s return to the Explorer Dome at Ewa Beach Community Park. She really talked it up last night, so I thought that maybe she’d do a little more exploring of the dome, but she didn’t. She actually did less. She just kind of wanted to climb around on the low-lying areas. I didn’t mind. It was just about killing time until lunch.

In the middle of her play time, I called Mad over so she and I could take this super-green picture of the two of us. “It’s for St. Patrick’s Day,” I said. “Oh, okay!” she said. We’ve got plans for homework tomorrow morning, followed by a visit to the pool. There’s also a Damien baseball game tomorrow at CORP (3:45), so come check that out. Today was a pretty good start to Spring Break, a win would make it even better.


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