Spring Break 2014: Tuesday (A Nearly Frozen Pool and a Frozen Movie)

The plan all along for Tuesday was to start with homework and housework, hit up the pool, then drop Madison off at Lynnette’s parents’ house so I could get to my game. Things worked out exactly that way with one snag that pretty much ruined what should have been the highlight. The sun didn’t escape the clouds until about 1 in the afternoon.

It's pretty hard to feel justified in scolding her about her negative attitude toward her school work when I'm writing this entry as a break from grading essays.

It’s pretty hard to feel justified in scolding her about her negative attitude toward her school work when I’m writing this entry as a break from grading essays.

Madison and I got up pretty early and we ate breakfast together, spam omelet for the Goob, steak omelet for me. As soon as we got that out of the way, I set her up with her school work. As a teacher, I am against the idea of school work over prolonged school breaks, but as a parent of 5-year old with the attention span of an amoeba, I am all for it. Madison blasted through her packet of counting, CVC words, and addition and sight word flashcards pretty quickly. She was even able to read two short books to Abby and I. She gets an A+ for the day.

Mad's "bus."

Mad’s “bus.”

Once Madison busied herself with her own work, I set about restoring order to our home which had become a shambles over the weekend. I vacuumed the kitchen and living room and dining room areas. I put away the final load of laundry. Madison helped me out by placing all of the dirty dishes and glasses in the sink so that I could wash them later. Abby just plopped herself on the top of the couch – her perch – and watched me drag the vacuum all of the place. Maybe it was a lazy Tuesday, I don’t know. I thought she’s start chasing and barking at the vacuum like she usually does. Lynnette and I have long suspected that Abby takes somewhere between 3 and 14 naps during the day when no one is home with her. I mean, what the hell else is she going to do, right? Whenever we stay home during the day, the time she usually reserves for those naps is replaced with overt attempts to get scratches. This might explain why she dead-dogs (lying on her side with all four legs extended outward)  it so quickly on days like today.

I still can't believe this is what $76 looks like.

I still can’t believe this is what $76 looks like.

I had to dip into my “savings” this afternoon to make sure Madison and I have some play money for the rest of the week. My savings is a plastic container of coins that I’ve continued to add to since this past summer. Every time I come home with change, I place the coins on the computer desk in the computer room; the computer desk in the living room; the island in the kitchen; my dresser in the bedroom; or on the floor. Eventually, these coins make their way into the plastic container that sits on the night stand next to the bed. It just adds up. Because I am a teacher I would never do this, but I’ve always wondered: how much money could a single student save up just by saying “I like quarter” as frequently as possible at school? I mean conservatively if you did $1 a day, that’s $180, right?

Thank God for the hot tub.

Thank God for the hot tub.

It had been overcast all morning, so I knew that the water in the pool would probably be too cold for us to really enjoy. I was right. It was basically ice water. Madison and I toed the water when we arrived and both immediately decided to hang out in the hot tub instead. After 10 minutes, I asked if she thought we had warmed up sufficiently. “Let’s try,” she said. I actually got into the water and it was a mistake. It was so cold, I did that shiver where it’s kind of hard to breathe. “C’mon,” I said. I think I just wanted to see the look on Mad’s face when she emerged from a bomb. She toed the water. She shook her head and headed back to the jacuzzi. All told, we were only at the pool for about 20 minutes. “This wasn’t a fun time,” Mad said. I had to agree. “Well, let’s go take it out on the food,” I said. “What?” she asked. It wasn’t worth explaining. By the way, Jack’s Bacon Insider is much better than the McDonald’s Bacon Clubhouse. This is one of the many things I’ve learned over the riot which is my Spring Break. Baby.

I can hear them singing in the bedroom as I type.

I can hear them singing in the bedroom as I type.

When Lynnette left for work this morning, she kissed me and said that she’d give me her last $20 if I picked up Frozen for her. I said no. That was before I had a clear understanding of how much money I had saved in the plastic container. I picked up a copy of a movie I can’t stand because my desire for Lynnette and Madison to be happy is greater than my hatred of that film and its soundtrack. By the slimmest of margins. I can hear the movie and their laughter and their singing from the living room. Honestly, I don’t know which I would prefer: grading essays or having to watch that terrible movie again. Ah, who am I kidding, just about anything beats grading.



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