Rarities: Base Hits and Lunar Eclipses

The lessons gleaned from last night: 1) Don’t sleep at my desk with my feet up. 2) Buy a tripod.

My partner in crime is in Seattle. Sad face.

My partner in crime is in Seattle. Sad face.

The Wrecking Crew won its first game of the season last night, but it wasn’t all smiles – not for me at least. I took a nap in my classroom before practice with my feet on my desk and while I am not a classically trained physician, I think I might have inadvertently compressed all of the nerves near the base of my spine. I was fine during practice, then during the hour-long traffic fest on my way to CORP, I could feel pain my lower back.

By game time, I was in constant discomfort and quick movements shot pain from my lower back down through my thighs. I had a dreadful night at third base, accounting for something like 36 unearned runs. Incredibly, I had a solid night at the plate, making solid contact in all three at-bats. One of those at-bats even ended in a clean hit! Maybe the stars didn’t align; perhaps the moon’s eclipse was enough. I drove home sitting upright – as if a rod was placed in my back, not at all unlike those wooden sticks they uses to keep trees and also orchids mostly perpendicular to the ground. I am lucky enough to have a wonderful wife who one-hand massages me while Pinteresting with the other. I don’t care how Vanessa Williams defined it, that’s what love is.

Stupid clouds.

Stupid clouds.

I got home just in time for Lynnette to ask if I wanted to check out the blood moon. When we got outside, the moon wasn’t visible. The sky above Mililani was cloudy and I was busy wiping sweat from my upper lip because you know that thing when you do something physical and you shower immediately after but even after you shower and dry off you still sweat? Yeah, that was happening to me. I locked the big lens on the good camera in the hope of adding to my Non-Humans photo album, but I knew it would be a long shot.

I have discovered that even my rocksteady hands aren’t stable enough to take nighttime shots with the good camera. Instead of awe-inspiring pictures of the red moon, I have several images of what appears to be the red bouncing ball that hops over the words in a song-along video. Nearby, that super-bright star (Mars, is it?) looks like a squiggly line of electricity or some such light energy. I’ve known for a while now, but I suppose I will finally start looking for a serviceable (read: cheap) tripod so I can take pictures in low-light settings without the unamazing and totally inadvertent blur that is kind of my trademark.

I took two pain killers and my back feels great. I am being observed in my classroom this afternoon by my boss. We have a game at CORP at 3:45. We’ve got a lot of stuff going on right here, but there’s a four-day weekend coming up. I understand if you feel pity is not the appropriate response. I will accept your envy instead.


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