Big Games on the Horizon

The school year is ending. The baseball team just started the ILH playoffs. The AP Exam takes place in less than two weeks. “What are ‘excuses for not writing a post in three days,’ Alex.”

I can check "Get a driver's license featuring a picture straight out of the yearbook" off my bucket list.

I can check “Get a driver’s license featuring a picture straight out of the yearbook” off my bucket list.

I knew my license was set to expire on my birthday, and I really did plan to get it renewed during Spring Break, but then life happened – as it always does – and I never got around to it. And then the following Monday, I was set to get it renewed so I skipped out of practice only to find out that you need approximately 19 different forms of identification in order to do so. As I looked over the State’s website, I was relieved that I wouldn’t have to subject myself to a rectal exam just for the legal privilege of operating my vehicle in the worst traffic in the country.

No, really, there was actual sunlight today at one point.

No, really, there was actual sunlight today at one point.

It drizzled, stopped, rained, stopped, then got super sunny, hot, and muggy. Somewhere in all of that, we won a baseball game. We’ll play Maryknoll on Tuesday in the winners’ bracket of the double-elimination ILH Division 2 Tournament. I was standing against the fence in the late innings of the game when I heard Madison whisper behind me. I kissed her head and draped my arm over her. I kept her around for good luck (of course using my daughter in this way is not beneath me). She climbed up the fence in front of me and hung there. Every once in a while, I leaned forward and kissed her on the top of the head. But then something happened on the field and without thinking about it, I leaned forward and shouted something like “Make the play!” or “Get the out!” Madison stiffened. She turned her head and said “Whoa, that scared me.” And if you think that’s funny, you should have been there to hear my voice crack mid-scream. Frickin’ brutal.

K-Den, life!

K-Den, life!

I try not to get caught up in hype and jump on too many bandwagons, but I’d been seeing a bunch of my students playing Pokemon on their phones and tablets. I asked one of my students to explain it to me and he did. I just didn’t understand any of it. I just handed him my iPad and returned when he called my name. I am now the proud owner of a motley crew of Pokemon  led by Treecko (a grass-type thing) which I have predictably taken to affectionately calling “Braddah Gecks.” “What are you playing?” Lynnette said when she heard the music and sound effects. “Pokemon!” Madison shouted before I could come up with a clever cover. I don’t know how Lynnette feels about it. Actually, I do know. I also know that if Lynnette is too tired for Phil Love, I’m going to play Pokemon on full blast. Hmph.


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