A Life Less Baseball-y

Our ILH baseball season is over. We lost a heart-breaker in the bottom of the seventh to Saint Francis who will go on to play Maryknoll later today. Congrats to both teams.

You're coming home with me, boys.

You’re coming home with me, boys.

It was odd to leave the house with morning without a plastic bag full of practice clothes or the uniform. Even though I knew it was over, there was still that weird feeling that I’m missing something, forgetting something. I suppose I’ll drive home after work today while the sun is still moderately high in the sky and it will feel odd. I’ll be able to make the weekly Thursday dinner at Sushi Bay with Lynnette’s parents and eat to the point where I am uncomfortably full, then have my full-blown catharsis on the toilet later tonight.

I'm going to clean out the car this weekend. Or next weekend. Or after the school year. I don't know, all I have is time.

I’m going to clean out the car this weekend. Or next weekend. Or after the school year. I don’t know, all I have is time.

When I got home last night and told my family that we lost, Lynnette shared her condolences and Madison asked how. I told her the other team had a big hit. She was sad. “Was this your last game?” she asked. “Yeah,” I said. “No more baseball for a while,” I said. Her face lit up and she raised her hand for a high-five. It was hard to celebrate anything after being eliminated from the playoffs, but I understand her point of view.

I guess now I’ll get around to the things I’ve been putting off like getting the oil changed, cleaning out the car, cleaning up around the house, applying for refinancing, and also sleep. So underrated. Most of all, though, I’d like get back to filling this space with tales and photos of m family adventures. It’s been a long season during which my wife and daughter and my wife’s parents have made sacrifices for me to be some place other than with them. I cannot thank you enough, Lynnette, Goob, mom and dad. If you played baseball at Damien, then you know what pitching changes can be like: you make one change and it necessitates 3 or 4 other changes all over the field. Well, my family had to make those kinds of adjustments in order for me to coach. My wife had to cook and clean and get Mad ready for bed. My in-laws had to pick up Madison from school every day. When I was a kid, my only concern was playing baseball. I had no true understanding of what the adults in my life had to do so that I could. I do now.

This was the angle at which my professional life looks most organized.

This was the angle at which my professional life looks most organized.

As some of you know, I am not a very effective multi-tasker. Devoting so much of my time to baseball (and also softball Sundays and Mondays) has left just about every other facet of my life in shambles. I look up and it’s May 1st and where the hell did February, March, and April go? The AP English Literature and Composition exam is already next Thursday with seniors final exams the following week. Of all the things in my life, it will be most difficult, I think, to get back into full-time teacher mode. It’s always been difficult for me to refocus after an extended period of having my attention stretched out in several diverging directions. Now, though, there is a single path and it points toward summer.


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